W9FZ Announces MidwestMania for This Weekend’s VHF/UHF Contest

    8pm Monday — 

    I want to highlight info W9FZ is sending far and wide.  Bruce types:

“I’ll (W9FZ) be roving out in Oklahoma mostly this year. I’ll be on the 98th Meridian starting at the TX/OK border just east of Wichita Falls. (EM03/13/14/04) Then I’ll track northward to catch EM05/15 just west of OKC on Sun morn. And then Sun afternoon and eve I’ll be at the KS/OK border area for EM06/16/17/07.

These will be all new grids for me as I pursue CSVHFS Reverse VUCC/r endorsements.

Yes, I ginned up “Midwest Mania!!” again for the 5th year. I make updates to the website every night as I get inputs. I must admit I’m not hearing back from folks like I expected. Puzzled by that.

Thanks for your promotion efforts!
Hope 6m opens–that would be a good skip range for us.
Bruce Richardson W9FZ/R

KC9BQA continues: 
Don’t know how many readers I have in the Plains, but keep spreading the word about the contest this weekend and make a special effort to get on the air.  Not just for a little bit at the start and the finish, but as much as you can, throughout the weekend.

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