Friday and Saturday Activity on 2m and 6m SSB

   7:30am Thursday

   This is the last post concerning weekly activity on the SSB portions of 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.  The posts mostly concern the Midwest/Great Lakes.  If you visit other posts dated Oct 13, 15 and 17, 2013 at you will have the most current info for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that I know of.   Readers — feel free to send updates or corrections. 
   Readers — also get this info to your ham buddies.  So many hams now have rigs with 50, 144 and 432 MHz capability but many times, they casually tune in, don’t hear any signals, lose interest and give up.  This is a correctable situation.  Let Joe Q. Ham know where and when they can actually hear activity.  Then once they do hear activity, let them know about horizontally-polarized gain antennas, low-loss coax, etc.   All the improvements that will increase their DX and fun capability on SSB/CW/Digital portions of the VHF/UHF bands. 

      Every Friday at 7pm central time, there’s the Chicago/Ohio net on 144.215.   I hope this net is still running; I’m going off of 2011-2012 info.  Net control is  KD8IME  in EN71, NW Ohio, and I know Bob has a very healthy signal.   Bob has told me that they enjoy new check-ins, so don’t worry too much about the “Chicago/Ohio” name.   If you can hear KD8IME on 144.215 any old Friday at 7pm central time, then say hello and tell him KC9BQA sent you.  :)  

   Next up on Fridays is a 6m net from NE Ohio, grid square EN91.   This net is on 50.165 at 9pm eastern every Friday.   It’s called by Jim K8ZWY in EN91kk.    They apparently cover western NY & PA and eastern OH.   If you’re within a few hundred miles of Cleveland, I’d check this one out and see how well they get out.   This info came from N8WNA John in EN82, Detroit area.   

    Saturday evenings, at 7pm eastern/6pm central, there’s 6m activity on 50.170 MHz.     KD8IME is again net control from EN71, NW Ohio.   He starts out calling to his SW, then goes clockwise a full 360 from there.   Meaning SW, then W, NW, N, NE, E, SE and S.   He has a nice signal on 2m, so I assume he’d get out pretty well on 6m.

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