MN and MI Have 2m and 6m Activity on Sunday Nights

   7:45am Sunday

   Time to start updating the list of all the regular activity on the SSB side of bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.  I’ve mentioned these nets many times before, but it’s a good time for an update.  If you have ham buddies who are curious about the SSB side of VHF, steer them toward this info.  I post this info so hams will realize all the options they have for seeing how far they can hear, and starting to learn about band conditions on various nights.  

    1)  K8NFT calls the Sidewinders Around Michigan net on 144.155 at 9:30pm eastern Sundays from EN62xt, far W MI, near Grand Rapids.  Bob starts out looking N, then goes clockwise, or E, S and W as the net progresses.  

    2)  K0SIX calls a net on 50.175 at 8:30pm central Sundays from EN35dj, or an hour north of the Twin Cities.  Vince has a very big signal and can work out to 300+ miles via normal “groundwave” on 6m (to stations with horizontal yagis pointed at him).   Not sure about the antenna pattern K0SIX uses for the net, but I know that he’ll be on the chat (IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz, or try the 50 MHz chat, as well.  I’m sure you can have more than one chat open at a time.) 

   3)   KA0PQW calls a net on 144.260 at 9pm central Sundays from EN33iu, far south-central MN.  Matt also has a nice signal — I can usually work him on a 265 mile path when we’re pointed at each other.   I’m not sure of the antenna pattern KA0PQW uses, so just point toward the middle of the MN/IA state line and wait for his signal to peak up.   
   If KA0PQW needs a night off, then K0SIX (EN35) or KA0KYZ (EN33) pitches in on 144.260.

   I should be able to update the Monday schedule sometime later this morning.  Check back before noon.  Monday has traditionally been the national 2m activity night and it’s chock full of great nets in multiple states.

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