Plenty of 144 MHz and Also 432 MHz Activity on Mondays

10:45am Sunday

Continuing with the Fall 2013 posts highlighting reliable options for hearing activity on SSB portions of bands lke 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz —

The main message is I want hams to know that Monday is a big night for 2m SSB activity across much of the USA.   Many times, guys give 2m SSB a brief try.  They don’t know where/when to find signals, and lose interest.  If the 700,000+ hams in the USA and Canada all knew where and when they could hear actual signals on the SSB portions of bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz, we’d have several thousand new ops within a month.   12-13 years ago, I had *NO* clue guys worked hundreds of miles on these bands, using SSB mode and horizontal yagis or loops.  I am continually amazed so few hams know about this DX potential on bands thought to be for “local communications”.

1)  K8TQK is on 144.252 at 8:30pm eastern time every Monday, from EM89je, south-central OH.  Giant signal that covers many states and VE-3.  Bob’s antenna pattern is to first look N, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  Look toward EM89 on Monday nights and see what you hear.   You can also follow along via the ham chat.  (Use the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.  No idea what the ham chat is about?  The details are here: )

2)  We’re fortunate in WI that someone nearby promotes regular 432.110 MHz activity.  432 activity happens on Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm central, courtesy of N4PZ, who is a little SW of Rockford, IL, in EN52gb.    Steve has a box of yagis and a legal limit amp, so his 432 signal gets out a very long way.   I believe N4PZ starts out looking SW and then swings his yagis counter-clockwise, or S, SE, E, NE, N, NW and then W.   You should get on 432 and say hello and see who else you can work — N4PZ is always trying to setup contacts between check-ins; it’s a lot of fun.  I’ve also noticed (as of summer/fall 2013) that N4PZ is using the ham chat now.
EDIT, May 2013 — The 432 activity now takes place every night, on 432.110, starting about 7:30pm central time.  N4PZ and the group cover a wide territory and they’re always looking for more activity.

If your focus is on what is easily heard from WI on Monday nights, you’re done.

For those who like more detail, or might be from other states, read on.
These other nets are farther away from WI, but there will be nights with enhancement, so it’s good to know all your options.  I’m sure there are other Monday nets, but I’m trying to stick within a Midwest/Great Lakes/Plains territory.

3)  W4TMW calls the North GA net from EM84ni on 144.210 at 8pm eastern.   His antenna pattern is to look *south* first, then SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, and SE over the next 30-60 minutes or so.   I’ve seen net reports of W4TMW’s and they include plenty of signals beyond 100-200 miles so this is a popular net with good range.

4)  W5VHF Net at 8pm central on 144.190.  Net control is KD5ZVE in EM26, OK.  Look just northeast of Tulsa, OK.  K5SW Sam is the backup if Jimmy can’t go.  Not sure which directions they rotate in.   I’ve seen net reports where they have 30-35 check-ins, so again, this is an active, popular net with good reach.   EDIT 4/23/14 — I see that KD5ZVE has a new callsign — N5NET.  So net control here is N5NET Jimmy.   Same net, same good reach, just a new callsign for net control.

5)  Rochester, NY net at 9pm eastern on 144.260.  Don’t know much about this one.  You could Google Rochester VHF Group and learn more that way.   I do see VA3VEC on the chat, promoting this net on Monday nights, so it is up and running.

6)  Guelph, ONT net at 9pm eastern on 144.245.  Net control is VE3XTM in EN93.    Because VE3XTM runs multiple nets on different bands and nights, there’s a post specifically about his nets.   Click here:

7)  Rocky Mountain VHF runs a nice slate of nets on various bands and nights.  Visit for the full scoop.  Their 144.220 net is on Monday nights at 8pm mountain time, from the Denver area.

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