What Else is There on Wed. Nights?

   6:45 am Tuesday

   The 144.240 Long-Range Net from WI is the only scheduled activity on Wednesdays that I’m aware of within a couple hundred miles of WI.  There is also Wed. activity out of EN93, Guelph, ONT and EM13, an hour NW of Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. 

   VE3XTM was mentioned in the Monday night activity post below.  Terry calls a net on 144.245 at 9pm eastern time every Monday and Wednesday.  He also calls a 432.210 (yes .210) net on Fridays at 9pm eastern.  A separate post about the VE3XTM nets out of EN93 is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=6606   Look toward EN93 on those nights and see what you hear.  I’ve emailed with VE3XTM in the past, and I can assure you he’d be happy for a DX-type check-in.   EN93 isn’t that far, on a night with good conditions. 

   The Wed. net out of EM13, Dallas/Ft. Worth area requires long-haul tropo for us WI readers to reach, but I mention it anyway because we have some Plains visitors to this blog, plus it’s a long-running net with good range and lots of check-ins. 
   The EM13 net is on 144.250 at 9pm central and is called by W5FKN, in Decatur, TX.  Antenna pattern is to start south, and then go counter-clockwise from there, or E, N and W.   EDIT — May 1, 2014.  The EM13 net now starts at 8pm central on Weds.  This new start time is via an email from net control to the SWOT list.  (SWOT stands for SideWindersOnTwo, they have a website at www.swotrc.net)

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