Google Spreadsheet Where You Can Post Your Contest Plans

    Noon Friday

    The ARRL Jan VHF Contest is 8 days away.  Scroll down the front page here at and read the Dec. 22nd post, if you need more info.   The link to my series of articles called VHF Contesting School is in that Dec. 22nd post, and you are encouraged to share that info with hams everywhere. 

    One helpful tool for jump-starting contest activity is a Google spreadsheet that W0UC Paul in EN44 has been creating for several years now.   If you live within 300 miles of WI, you are encouraged to post your plans here:   
    W0UC creates these spreadsheets; I am just the messenger.  Please respect Paul’s wishes and only post your plans if you are within a 300-mile circle surrounding WI.   We’re not trying to do a nationwide sign-up sheet here.  In fact, if you are in another part of the country, why not do something similar?  Create your own sign-up sheet for the VHF/UHF contests in your region.   

    Spread the word about the contest and good luck.  I will not be on.  I have long-term rotor troubles that can’t be resolved and I will be gone most of the weekend, besides.

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