Thursday Options on 144.220, 144.250, 146.460, 50.135 and 432.100 MHz.

   2:30pm Thursday

   Remember that I outline many VHF/UHF nets and activity periods on all 7 nights of the week here at  Go to posts dated Oct 13, 15 and 17, 2013 to scroll thru your options.  And get this info to hams who don’t know where or how to find the activity on the SSB side of V/UHF bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.  
    Since tonight is Thursday, here’s a rebroadcast of what I posted back on 10/17/13.  

   Every Thursday you have the long-running Q5 net out of EN61 Chicago, called by N9JBW at 7pm central, on 144.220.  
    Believe they start out looking east and then go clockwise a full 360 from there.  This is a friendly, active net and thru the years, N9JBW has always let others know they are welcome to stop by and check it out.   The Q5 net now has a website at   Typing into my web browser got me there, also.      
   There’s also a net on 144.250 out of SE OH, grid square EM89ud on Thursdays at 8pm eastern.  Your net controls are AB8XG Kenny (primary) and KD8DJE Russell (backup).   I mention this net because we have visitors from MI, IN and OH. 

   The next item is about the only time you will see me mention FM in this blog.  Not because I have anything against FM, but because the focus with this blog is on the SSB side of VHF/UHF. 
   I mention WV9E’s Thursday night 146.46 FM net because I know Dave personally helps promote SSB activity on 2m in his part of the world. 
   Here’s the details:   If you’re within 100 miles or so of La Crosse, WI, grid square EN43, remember WV9E is in the 4th year of his 146.460 net, at 8:30pm central time, every Thursday.  This net is on the simplex portion of the FM band.  No offsets or P/L’s.  All are welcome, and I’m sure they’d appreciate a DX-type check-in.  WV9E has been proactive about getting more V/UHF activity in/near the La Crosse area.  Dave also has a ham website at  His specific webpage for the 146.46 FM net on Thursdays is:

   SWITCHING TO 50 MHz… Every Thursday, there’s a  6m net called from EM38, Missouri.  It’s on 50.135 at 9pm central time.  They usually have a couple of guys looking in different directions for check-ins, so point your 6m yagi toward Central MO and see what you hear.   The net control possibilities are KD0AKF (primary), K0WYN and WA2KBZ (backups).   If, for some reason, this net is no longer happening, please let me know.  In fact, always let me know about any SSB net that may have started up, or gone off the air.  (Within roughly 200-500 miles of WI)   

   FINALLY ON TO 432…  N4PZ in EN52gb is now hosting 432.100 activity on Thursday nights, too.  Same start time as his Monday 432.100 activity — 8pm central.   Steve’s location is a little bit SW of Rockford, IL, a good hour west of Chicago.  This is the only regularly-scheduled 432 activity I know of in the Midwest/Great Lakes.  It is worth reminding readers that N4PZ has a huge 432 signal.  His territory includes anything within 500 miles of Rockford, IL, under flat conditions.  Nights with band enhancement??  Who knows?  But with the 432.100 activity now being on twice a week, they will stand a better chance of catching openings. 
   I see that N4PZ is now using the chat, which should help, as the signals on 432 are pointy, and you can easily miss contacts if you are looking the wrong way or miss net control when he turns the antennas your way.   If you don’t know about the free and no-BS ham chat rooms at, read about it here:  As of fall 2013, nearly 4000 USA/Canada hams have registered for the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.  Other bands/rooms are available, too.  It’s a great resource.

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