Milwaukee Radio Amateurs Club FM Simplex Contest is Feb. 9th

    Want everyone to know that starting at 1pm central on next Sunday, Feb. 9th, the MRAC FM Simplex Contest will get underway.  It runs until 3:30pm, and 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm are all in play.  This contest has been happening for at least 12-15 years, and gets the airwaves cooking in and around the Milwaukee area.  (If I were in the rest of WI, western MI, or northern IL, I’d tune in and see how conditions are.  And heck yes, drop your call in there and be “DX”!  I once had a guy contact me from NE WI (grid EN55) in this contest and of course, that was my most memorable QSO) 

    The MRAC has a nice webpage with all the details.   Everything is explained there.  Take a few minutes and go thru the info so you know what the format is. 

    If  you’re in another part of the country and you think this sounds like fun, it is!  Consider hosting something similar in your own area.  It will get VHF’ers thinking about operating simplex, improving their signal and give them a little taste of VHF contesting, besides.

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