Remember 222 MHz Tuesdays are ON Every Tuesday Evening

   9:30am Tuesday

   Long-time readers of this blog know that Tuesday has traditionally been the night for 222 MHz operations.  This protocol goes back many decades.  Monday was for 144, Tuesday for 222, Wednesday for 432.  ( I honestly don’t know if there was a night for 50 MHz or for microwaves.  I imagine any night could be 6 meter night, when the band is open) 

   My point is that if you have gear for 222 SSB/CW or 223 FM, make a point of getting on Tuesday nights.  Call CQ, turn the yagi, look in different directions and start something.  Don’t fall into the pattern of “just listening”.  If everyone is “just listening” then nobody will ever hear a thing.   This is especially important with quiet bands, to call some CQ’s. 

    222 Tuesday has had fairly regular activity out of MI and OH on/near 222.100 MHz, going back many years.  This activity continues, with K8TQK and his whopping signal helping to stir things up.  I’d tune into the 222.100 area on SSB/CW and start paying attention about 6:30-7pm central time.  Probably until about 8-9pm.  Do this any Tuesday evening.  If you’re not hearing anything in your area, then get a buddy or two on the air with you, call CQ in different directions and pull some signals out of the woodwork. 

    222 Tuesday is NOT a directed net.  It’s an informal chance for anyone with 1.25m gear to get on the air and work others.  It works best when many are on, from different states and grids.  Please spread the word about 222 Tuesdays and enjoy this great (underappreciated) band.   You can also log into the real-time ham chat (details are here: ) and follow the action there.

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