K8TQK 144.252 Monday Net Reports For 3/10 & 3/17

    12:30pm Friday

    Had a little time this noon to check thru the ON4KST.com chat archives (if you haven’t heard of this free and no BS ham chat, click here  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072  for details).   Was glad to see that K8TQK’s Monday night 144.252 net is back on the air, after several weeks with rotor troubles. 
   K8TQK’s 144.252 net is on @8:30pm eastern every Monday.  His QTH is in south-central OH, grid square EM89je.  His antenna pattern is to first look North, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and finally NW over the next 45-60 minutes.   K8TQK has a whopping signal on all the V/UHF bands, and gets out 300-400+ miles easily.  Why do I post K8TQK’s net reports?  Because for several years we teamed up on Wed. nights and because  he has great reach, plus he’s been promoting more activity on the SSB/CW side of V/UHF for decades.   
   There are many good nets and activity periods around the Midwest/Great Lakes and you can read all about them at posts dated Oct. 13, 15, and 17, 2013 at kc9bqa.com.  All 7 nights of the week are covered in those posts.  You are free to spread that info everywhere.   Get on the air and say hello.  There’s way more activity on 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz, but it definitely helps to know when and where to find it.  

   Here are the reports:
   On March 10th, K8TQK was back with the 144.252 net.  Bob was off for February with rotor trouble. 
   On March 10th Bob had 18 check-ins:  N8WNA and N8AIA EN82;  KD8UJQ EN91;  W2UAD FN13;  KB3TNZ FN10;  N1GC EM95;  WB4IXU EM86;  N4TLL EM87;  WD4NMV EM85;  WA4NJP and K4LES EM84;  WB7PMP EM88;  WB8ART EM79;  K9MRI and W8BYA EN70;  KB8GUE EM89;  WB0DGF EN63 and KB8JNE EN80. 

   On March 17th, K8TQK had 22 check-ins from his usual multi-state territory:  N8WNA, K8JA and N8AIA EN82;  AC3L/M FN00;  WD8CHR EN90;  KB3TNZ FN10;  VA3ELE/M FN03;  K8GDT EN91;  W2UAD FN13;  K8KGM, KD8DJE, KC8QDQ and KB8GUE EM89;  W4LES, W4IMD and WA4NJP EM84;  N4TLL EM87;  WD4NMV EM85;  KY4MRG EM77;  K9LQZ EM68;  K9ZF EM78 and WA4REE EM65.

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