KC9BQA VHF/UHF Gear For Sale — March 31, 2014 Update

   EDIT, EDIT  Sept. 24, 2014  —  If you want the latest info on what I still have for sale, it’s here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=7852  That post dated June 27, 2014 is still current, as of late Sept., 2014.   Feel free to share the word about my my towers, antennas, rotors and feedline for sale to hams everywhere.   All the info below is outdated.  END OF EDIT

   UPDATE  4:30pm Monday, March 31, 2014

   The Tokyo Hy-Power HL-350DVX is SOLD.   All brick amps are SOLD.  The IC-910H is SOLD.  
  4 rigs are still available:

   1)  Yaesu FT-736R with 50/144/222/432 MHz — $1100 with hand mic
   2)  Yaesu FT-736R with 50/144/222/432 MHz — $1100 with hand mic or $1150 with MD-1 desk mic.  
   3)  Icom IC-575H  50 and 28 MHz — $450 with hand mic or $500 with SM-6 desk mic.
   4)  Icom IC-275 H  144 MHz — $500 with hand mic. 
   The 4 above rigs all are used and have performed fine in my shack, with no known issues. 
   If you want more detail, read on…

      On to rigs:  
   I still have a pair of 4-band Yaesu FT-736R’s.  Both rigs have the 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz band modules.  Of course they are all-mode.   20-25 watts out on each band.  Unless you go the transverter route, or find the rare and expensive Icom 375, a 736R is what you need to get on 222 MHz SSB.  Plug and play.  These rigs have been super reliable for me, not a moment of trouble in the 9 years I’ve used them.  
   Again, I have two 736R’s, and they’re $1100 each with a hand mic included.  Or if you want to add an MD-1 desk mic, I’ll include that for $50.   I do have manuals. 

   I also have an Icom 575H and I forgot to include an Icom 275H that I used regularly. 
   The 575H is a dual-band rig.  All-mode.  100w on both 50 and 28 MHz.  Talking 6 meters and 10 meters.  6 meters comes alive in summer and 10 meters is a worldwide band right now, at the peak of its sunspot cycle. 
   The 575H is used and has always performed well.  Priced very reasonably (look around) at $450 for the rig with a hand mic and $500 if you want an Icom SM-6 desk mic included. 

   My 275H is used and has always performed well.  100w, all-mode on 2 meters.  These are classics.  This is a nice, clean one, too.  I’m sure I have a manual somewhere in my shed.  I can include a hand mic if you want one.  Price is $500. 

   I would prefer to sell these rigs within a few hundred miles of SE WI.  I’ve already had inquires about shipping them to places like Colorado and Maryland, and I appreciate the emails.  If I don’t see interest locally, I will ship as a last resort.  I am willing to drive up to 200 miles to meet with a buyer, no problem.   Or you can come pick it up. 

   Other items that I will need to sell in 2014 and 2015 …
   A variety of rotors.  Most work.  This will take some time, to properly test, identify and describe them.  Some rotor control boxes as well. 
   Several Astron Power Supplies.  
   A 2304 MHz transverter.  I will need to have this looked at by a pro, to make sure it is performing as it should.   It was in kit form and expertly assembled by W0GHZ.  Think it puts out 10-15W, and it might be an SSB Electronics kit.  
   Long yagis for 28, 50, 144, 222, 432, 902, 1296 and 2304 MHz.  The 144, 222, 432, 902 and 1296 antennas are all stacked pairs.    
   70′ of Rohn SSV is one tower and 100′ of Rohn SSV is a 2nd tower.  These are both self-supporting.  The 100′ stick is especially robust. 
   Of course, there will be lots of hardline to come off the towers, too. 
   I will have more to say about the towers, yagis and feedline as we get into summer.  If you are looking to buy a turnkey, multi-band VHF/UHF station that is up in the air and working right now, we should talk.

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