KC9BQA’s VHF/UHF Gear For Sale

 EDIT, EDIT — JUNE 27, 2014
I just posted a comprehensive listing of what’s still for sale.  Talking about my towers, yagis, feedline and rotors.  Please visit that June 27, 2014 post at kc9bqa.com for the latest info.  Nearly all my rigs, amps and transverters for 28 thru 2304 MHz have been sold.  So the info below is outdated.  Again, the latest update is at kc9bqa.com, dated June 27, 2014. 

Update @5pm on Monday, March 31st —
The post below has some outdated info.  You are better off going to an updated post I just made at kc9bqa.com, dated March 31st. 

Update @5pm On Monday, March 17th… The IC-910H is SOLD.  The RF Concepts brick amp for 432 MHz is SOLD. 
I will update as other items are sold.  I’ve gotten a lot of emails; things are happening so don’t delay. 
Update @7pm on Tuesday, March 25th… One of my two TE Systems 2212G Amps for 222 MHz is SOLD.  The other one may be spoken for by an out-of-state ham.  If you are local and want a 2212G for $325, get in touch with me soon. 
Update March 31st — All brick amps are SOLD. 
Also SOLD — The TE Systems 1412G amp. 

There are way more things that will end up for sale than are listed here.  But it will take time, so today I’ll start with these small steps.

Icom IC-910 with optional 1296 MHz module.  Bought new about 10 years ago, and it’s never given me a moment of trouble.  So you get 100w on 144, 75 on 432 and 10 on 1296.  All-mode, of course.  I will include an SM-6 hand mic.  $1150.
EDIT — EDIT  5pm March 17th.  THE 910H is SOLD. 

Yaesu FT-736R’s.  I have a pair.   Both have 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz — all modes.   I have one MD-1 desk mic and a hand mic for the other.  These rigs will get you on 222 SSB, plus you get all 4 bread-and-butter V/UHF bands with 25w out.  Both rigs have performed flawlessly for me.   The rigs are $1100 each and the  MD-1 is $50.

IC-575H — 100w on 6 Meters.  All-mode.  Rig is used — 6 is my favorite band.  $450 with a hand mic or $500 if you want an SM-6 desk mic as part of the deal.


TE Systems 1412G.  25w in gets you 150-160w on 2 meters.   I’m the original owner and it works fine.  Includes onboard preamp.  $225.  SOLD 

TE Systems 2212G’s.  25w in gets you 125-130w on 222/223 MHz.   Again, I’m the original owner and they work fine.  I have a pair, and they’re $325 each.  Reason they’re more than the 1412G is that these cost considerably more new. 
One of these is SOLD.  The other will be shipped out-of-state next week unless I hear from a local buyer in the next day or two (as of March 25)  Update March 31st — Both 2212G’s are SOLD. 
RF Concepts RF4-310.  25-30w in gets you 100-120w out on 432/440 MHz.   I bought it used and it looks used.  But these are solid performers and it just keeps on working.  $150.
EDIT — EDIT — 5pm March 17th.  The 432 MHz brick is SOLD. 

That’s what I’m ready to sell today.  Like I said, there’s far more I will have for sale, and I can go into that later.  Trying to keep things simple right now.
Those are cash-and-carry prices.  For the next month or two, I’m only posting this gear for sale via kc9bqa.com and thru 4 Midwest VHF/UHF groups.  I want those VHF’ers to have the first chances.   At this time, I’d prefer face-to-face transactions.   I will also consider driving a few hours for the right buyer.  I’d much prefer that to shipping.

If you like short stories, you’re done.  Thanks for reading.  Check back at kc9bqa.com frequently because I will make more for sale posts as we get later into spring and summer.  There will be rotors, towers, long yagis for 28 thru 2304 MHz,  feedline, power supplies and accessories.  If you have a sincere interest, contact me.   My email is good at qrz.com.  If you can’t access that, then please use wi.todd (at sign) yahoo.com.  I don’t mind emailing or talking, but I am discouraging curiosity-seekers.

Amateur Electronic Supply’s Superfest is ON again this year.  Superfest is from 9am -3pm on Saturday, April 5th.  This draws in hams from WI and surrounding states.  My QTH is 35 minutes north of Superfest and if you want to personally inspect the gear and my shack, this would be a great opportunity.   I will plan on being around my QTH on April 4, 5 and 6th.  If you have interest in inspecting this gear, email me and we’ll figure out a time to get together.  If you cannot make it to Superfest but would still like to see the gear, we can make other times work — just email and we’ll set something up.   I work out of my home and I’m often available during the afternoon and/or early evening.

OK, time to hit the “publish” button and put this out in cyberspace.  It’s going to look weird, but it’s time.

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