WB9LYH Net Report + Time Change Effective April 2nd

   10:15pm Thur. 

   WB9LYH had 12 check-ins to the 144.240 Wed. Net last night.  We’ll get to the list in a bit.

   **THE 144.240 NET WILL SWITCH TO SUMMER HOURS (hah!) STARTING WED, APRIL 2ND.  START TIME WILL BE ONE HOUR LATER — 8PM CENTRAL AND 9PM EASTERN.**  Please help us by spreading the word to everyone you can think of.  
   This time change will stay in effect until at least October.  We switch times seasonally to try and follow the sun.   We noticed years ago that when sunset is later, we get less check-ins.  Plus, starting the net later in summer helps catch better conditions, as the sun sets and the atmosphere “turns over” temperature-wise. 

    Again, effective April 2nd, the 144.240 Wed. net called by WB9LYH EN54 out of Central WI will start @ 8pm central and 9pm eastern.  

    Here’s WB9LYH’s net report from last night:  Propagation was iffy, with few stations on.  Checkins were N8WNA EN82;  WB0DGF EN63;  KA9DVX EN51;  K9CCL EN61;  WA9BNZ and W9BBP EN40;  WB9SLI and N9NYA EN43;  KD0UHN EN41;  WB0YWW and KG0SJ EN22 and KC9CLM EN53. 
    Looks like KD0UHN is a new call to the net.  Welcome, Scott and glad you made the trip from Bettendorf, IA. 
    This net is always looking for new check-ins and more participation.  DX is encouraged, too. 

     GUYS — I’m going to make a long-overdue post this weekend, hopefully by Saturday.  It’s time to sell my rigs and gear.   Rigs for 144 thru 2304 MHz, rotators, control boxes, power supplies, brick amps, and eventually antennas for 28 thru 2304 MHz, plenty of feedline runs and even towers.  Talking a 100′ stick of Rohn SSV, plus a separate 70′ stick.  All self-supporting.  Been putting this off too long and it’s time to get started.

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