What’s Going to Happen with KC9BQA.com?

9:45am Sat.

EDIT, EDIT  Sept. 24, 2014  —  If you want the latest info on what I still have for sale, it’s here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=7852  That post dated June 27, 2014 is still current, as of late Sept., 2014.   Feel free to share the word about my my towers, antennas, rotors and feedline for sale to hams everywhere.   END OF EDIT

I am not shutting down the website, at least not until sometime in 2015 or 2016.  For now, everything will operate pretty much as it has for the past few years.  I’ll make net announcements, net reports and try to remember to post info about the V/UHF contests.  There will also be periodic updates about new items for sale as I dismantle my VHF/UHF station.  Talking towers, long yagis, feedline, rotors, power supplies, a few spare rigs that need repairs and various accessories.   If you have a sincere interest in these items, contact me.  My email is good at qrz.com but if you can’t get it there, you can also use wi.todd (at sign) yahoo.com.  What I’m trying to avoid is a crush of curiosity-seekers.  I don’t mind talking gear, towers, rotors, etc with those who might be buyers.  Visits can be arranged, too.  Check out the first post I made this morning (8:30am Sat. on 3/15/2014) if you need more details.

WB9LYH and I have emailed several times the past few years about the future of the 144.240 Wed. night net.   Good news — Mark still enjoys calling the net and plans to continue it.  He’s a very busy guy and the net is one way he can relax and enjoy VHF for at least an hour each week.   For at least the rest of 2014, I plan on continuing to support the net via this website and with the weekly emails I send to several hundred VHF’ers in a multi-state area surrounding WI.  I hope others will continue to help spread the word, and try to encourage more on-air activity at all times.

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