KC9BQA For Sale List — UPDATE — April 21

   8:45am Monday

   A lot has happened the past week.   My brick amps and rigs have really sold well — it’s a great feeling. 
   I’ve now sold a 575H, and apparently have buyers for my 275H, one of my 736R’s, plus my 902 and 2304 transverters.   (Several have asked about 1296 gear — the only 1296 I had was an optional band module in my IC-910H, which I sold two weekends ago.) 

   One item that is left (as of now) is a Yaesu FT-736R with the 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz band modules.   Price is $1100.   I’ve had about a half-dozen tire kickers on the 736R’s, so if you’re serious, I’d make your move this week. 

   There will be a few accessories for sale, as well.  I’m not ready to start cataloging those yet.  Some nice day I’ll have to open up the shed, and really start digging around.   Talking things like wattmeters, power supplies, coax jumpers, spare antenna rotors and control boxes, plus an ARR 432 MHz mast-mount preamp that never got out of the box. 

   There will also be some other rigs for sale someday.  These are rigs that need repairs.  In fact, if anyone can suggest a rock-solid repair person for a Kenwood TS-850 and and an Icom 475H, I am all ears.  My thought right now is to use WA9FVP Jack out of New Lenox, IL.  But I’d listen to other options, too.   In any event, those rigs wouldn’t be available until sometime in summer or fall. 
   Also for sale…

    I have two towers, one is 100′ and the other is 70′.  ( I suppose HF’ers might be interested in these towers, too)  Both my towers are Rohn SSV and self-supporting.  No guy wires needed.   Antennas on the towers are single long yagis for 28 and 50 MHz, and stacked yagis for 144, 222, 432, 902, 1296 MHz.   There are also custom H-frames for balancing the 902/1296 stacks on 70′ tower and another very robust H-frame for balancing the 222/432 stacks on the 100′ tower.  Along with stout 20′ mast pipes, and all phasing harnesses/power dividers.  
   Besides the towers and yagis, there’s hundreds of feet of coax on those towers.  Rough guess is 400-500′ of 1″ hardline (in 4 separate runs), 250-300′ of 1.5″ hardline(in 4 separate runs) and several hundred feet of 9913. 

   I should add that there’s no real deadline to the tower takedown.  The tower takedown process may stretch out to 2015.  (I explained the reasons why I’m selling everything in a series of posts dated March 15th.)  

   I gratefully acknowledge no less than 5 individuals who have offered to do some tower work in exchange for some of the items up in the air.   The tricky part is figuring out the timing and details.   This may take some time.   How quickly the towers/yagis/rotors and feedline come down will be determined by how motivated a buyer is.  And how well they can streamline the process.

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