144.240 Net was OFF Wed. Night + Sprint Info + Update to my For Sale List

   7am Friday

   WB9LYH had a severe SWR problem when he fired things up on Wed. night.  As a result, he couldn’t call the 144.240 net this week.  I will advise about the net for April 16th and beyond when I hear more from Mark. 
   Please remember that the 144.240 Wed. net from WI (EN54cl) is now on summer  hours.  That means we start at 8pm central/9pm eastern until at least October. 

   Remember that the 222 MHz sprint is next Tuesday night, April 15th.  Then the 432 sprint would be Wed., April 22nd. 
   All the sprint info is right on the front page here at kc9bqa.com.  Scroll down to a March 31st post or click here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=7654 for the Spring VHF/UHF Sprints information. 

   I should have an update to my For Sale page sometime this weekend.  The latest change is that it looks like my IC 575H is now SOLD.   A pair of Yaesu FT736R’s with 50/144/222/432 MHz all installed and ready to go are available.  Also an Icom IC-275H.  Scroll down to a March 26 post or click here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=7641  for more details on my gear currently for sale. 

   Later in April, I will post details of my towers, antennas, feedline and rotors and control boxes for sale.  I have two towers, one is 100′ and the other is 70′.  ( I suppose HF’ers might be interested in these towers, too)  Both my towers are Rohn SSV and self-supporting.  No guy wires needed.   Antennas on the towers are single long yagis for 28 and 50 MHz, and stacked yagis for 144, 222, 432, 902, 1296 MHz.   There are also custom H-frames for balancing the 902/1296 stacks on 70′ tower and another very robust H-frame for balancing the 222/432 stacks on the 100′ tower.  Along with stout 20′ mast pipes, and all phasing harnesses/power dividers.  
   Besides the towers and yagis, there’s hundreds of feet of coax that will be available at some point.  Rough guess is 400-500′ of 1″ (in 4 separate runs), 250-300′ of 1.5″ (in 4 separate runs) and several hundred feet of 9913. 

   I will also have 902 and 2304 transverters for sale soon.  (My 1296 was an optional band module with the Icom IC910H which is already sold)  
   As I say in my March 26th update, if someone wants to buy a turnkey, multi-band VHF/UHF station, I have what you need.  We should talk.

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