6 Meter Spring Sprint is This Sat. Night — May 10th

   6:15pm Friday

   Want everyone to know the 50 MHz Spring Sprint is ON tomorrow night, running from 6pm-10pm in the central time zone, 7-11pm in the eastern time zone and on the off chance we have readers from far away, from 5-9pm mountain and 4-8pm pacific.  
   Or I could simplify and just say it’s on from 2300Z May 10th until 0300Z May 11th.  But I know that confuses some folks, every time.  Reason the 6m sprint uses UTC time is that with sporadic E skip season starting by May, there’s a chance the Magic Band could be open tomorrow night, so you want to have all US stations on at the same time, to maximize your chances of working DX. 
   Get on and enjoy the 6 meter sprint tomorrow night.  

   Full Spring Sprint info is here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=7654   That post originally was made on March 31st.

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