KC9BQA Gear For Sale Update — Towers, Yagis, Coax and Rotors

   11am Fri.   (June 27, 2014) 

   The first phase of selling my station has been great.  Virtually all my rigs, amps and transverters are gone to good homes.    If you are wondering why I’m selling, see posts at kc9bqa.com dated March 15th, 2014.

   From my 28-2304 MHz station, all that remains is a single IC-575H, mated to a Heathkit SB-230.   I just may stay on 6m for another season or two, we’ll see.   I also have a few other rigs that need repair so they aren’t ready to sell at this time.  (A pair of Kenwood TS-850’s and an Icom IC-475H).  

   THE SECOND PHASE is primarily towers, yagis for 50 thru 2304 MHz, plenty of feedline, tower accessories, plus rotors and control boxes.    

    I have two towers — one is 100′ and the other is 70′.  ( I suppose HF’ers might be interested in these towers, too)  Both  towers are Rohn SSV and self-supporting.  No guy wires needed.   The 100′ tower has a wide, robust base and the 70’er is more of a straight stick. 
   Antennas on the towers are:
   28 MHz:  5-element HyGain (bought new and installed June 2011)
   50 :  7-element M2 JHV   (bought new and installed June 2011) 
144:  Pair 12 el K1FO design 
 222:  Pair 16 el K1FO 
 432:  Pair 25 el K1FO
  The 144, 222 and 432 yagi pairs were bought new from C3i back in late 2003.  
  There is a very sturdy custom H-frame that holds the 222 and 432 yagis in perfect balance. 

   902:  Pair 33 el K1WHS (DirectiveSystems.com)
1296:  Pair 45 el K1WHS
2304:  Single 76 el “blowtorch”
  These yagis were bought new and installed in the summer of 2005. 
  There is also a nice H-frame from Directive Systems that holds and balances the 902/1296 yagis. 

  All phasing harnesses, power dividers and H-frames are part of the deal, along with two very stout mastpipes in the 15-20′ range.    
  Besides the towers and yagis, there’s hundreds of feet of coax on those towers.  Rough guess is 400-500′ of 1″ hardline (in 4 separate runs), 250-300′ of 1.5″ hardline (in 4 separate runs) and several hundred feet of 9913.   I also have a spare piece of 1 1/2″ hardline in the shed, guess-timating about 60-70′.   All feedline is also included. 

   The price for both towers, all yagis, all feedlines, phasing harnesses, power dividers, H-frames and 2 very sturdy long mast pipes is $7000.   Someone who can take them down safely would get a credit of $1000.  Someone who bought everything at one time would get another $500 credit.  This means the soup-to-nuts price is $5500.  If I know you to be a dedicated VHF’er, I will gladly knock another $500 off because in a perfect world, this all goes to a good home.  If you are a pleasure to deal with, that’s worth another $500 to me.  🙂  So now we’re down to $4500 for 2 self-supporting towers, good long yagis for 28, 50, 144, 222, 432, 902, 1296 and 2304 MHz (stacked pairs on 144 thru 1296, by the way) and individual feedline for each band — at least 8 separate runs of 1 to 1.5″ hardline.  
   If this sounds like something you want, email me, we can exchange phone #’s and find a time when you can visit and inspect everything for yourself. 

  Here’s more info …
   I should add that there’s no real deadline to the tower takedown.   If it takes a few years, I’m OK.    BUT… if someone has serious interest we should talk.    A guy could have everything this summer or fall, if he’s ready to move. 

   I gratefully acknowledge 5 hams (so far) who have offered to do some tower work in exchange for some of the items up in the air.   The tricky part is figuring out the timing and details.   This may take some time.   How quickly the towers/yagis/rotors and feedline come down will be determined by how motivated a buyer is.  And how well they can streamline the process.   A single buyer (or crew) who can do it all will save the most money. 

      Rotors will be a separate deal, as will the control boxes.  I’m not quite ready to inventory and price those yet.  I will have a pair of Prosistel PST-61D’s, plus a pair of CATS RD 1800’s, and an old Ham IV that I bought in 2002 from W9NAW and never used.  There’s 3 control boxes — a Green Heron RT-21 and a pair of CATS DPU 1800-D’s.  Just found a Yaesu G-800 rotor and a pair of G-800 SDX control boxes in a corner.  Not sure if those Yaesu pieces are working or not.   I retired those about 2006-7 and upgraded. 

   There’s the scoop.  Feel free to spread the word to VHF’ers you know.

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