Listing of VHF/UHF Clubs in and near WI

   9:30am Wed. 

   Haven’t made this post in a while.  With the summer V/U contest season starting this weekend, it’s time to broadcast this info again.

   I know of 4 VHF/UHF clubs in and near WI.  If you are even a casual VHF’er, but would like your contest scores to go toward a club total, consider joining any of these clubs.  All the info you need to get started is below.  

   EDIT, EDIT (November 13, 2014) … Michigan now has an active VHF/UHF Club.  The Michigan VHF-UHF Society was activated late this summer.  You can find their website at  Spread the word. 

   1)  My club is the Badger Contesters.  Their website is at  If you are within 175 miles of Oshkosh, WI, you are in the BC circle.  A graphic showing our territory is available at:  The BC’ers are a low-key, low-stress, no-dues club.  If you want more info, go to the website or contact me.  
   2)  NLRS stands for Northern Lights Radio Society, which covers MN, and probably adjacent parts of W and NW WI and N IA.  Their website is at
   3)  SMC stands for Society of Midwest Contesters, based in IL and parts of adjacent states.  SMC is a very active HF club, with a decent number of V/UHF contesters, too.  Their website is at   SMC has done some amazing things, getting their HF contesters to try 6 meters in the June ARRL contest (when sporadic E skip usually opens up 6m across the country) 
   4)  CVVHF stands for Chippewa Valley VHF and they are pretty much centered on EN44.  I’m sure their territory covers most of NW WI and plenty of the U.P. of MI.  CVVHF’s website is at

   If you enjoy V/UHF contesting, these clubs would like very much for you to join and then submit your contest scores as part of the club’s  aggregate score. 

  I am not aware of any active V/UHF clubs in MI, IN, OH or IA.  If I’m mistaken, someone set me straight.

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