144.252 Net Reports from 8/18 and 8/25/14

8:45pm Tuesday

I actually made 3 posts tonight.
Want to remind everyone about the ARRL Sept. VHF Contest, which is on Sept. 13-14.  All bands from 50 MHz on up thru the microwaves are in play.  http://www.arrl.org/september-vhf
Another post will share details about 3 new VHF beacons in WI and MI.

Before I get to K8TQK’s net reports, remember that the 144.240 Wed. net called by WB9LYH in EN54 is OFF for Aug. 27th.  Mark plans on being back on the air Wed., Sept. 3rd, at the usual summer start time of 8pm central/9pm eastern.

K8TQK in EM89je, south-central OH, calls a great net every Monday on 144.252 MHz at 8:30pm eastern.  Bob has a great QTH and big signal.  He routinely gets out 300-500 miles under normal conditions to stations with a decent yagi up in the clear.  (horizontally polarized, as is the custom on the SSB/CW side of VHF/UHF)  K8TQK is always looking for more check-ins, so give a listen his way on Monday evenings on 144.252.   The net is informal, all licensed hams are welcome to listen along or say hello.
K8TQK’s antenna pattern from EM89 is first North, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  You can also follow along at the ON4KST.com real-time ham chat.  Specifically talking about the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.  If you have no idea what this chat is about, go here:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072  The chat is active every morning and evening.  You are free to simply observe quietly or join in when you’re ready.

On Aug. 18th, K8TQK had 23 check-ins:  N8WNA EN82;  KC8RRT EN81;  KF6A EN73;  VA3HD FN14;  K8ZES FN02;  W2UAD FN13;  W9KXI FN12;  KB3TNZ FN11;  KC8QDQ and KB8GUE EM89;  AC3L/M FN00;  KB3CXQ FM09;  W3IP FM19;  W4LES, WA4NJP and W4IMD EM84;  WB4IXU EM86;  N4TLL EM87;  WB0SWQ EN40;  WB8ART and N8XA EM79;  K9MRI EN70 and KC9WSS EN61.

On Aug. 25th, K8TQK had 25 check-ins:  N8WNA EN82;  W8SOL EN71;  KC8YJB and KD8JQ EN91;  AC3L/M FN00;  KB3TNZ FN11;  KB3CXQ FM09 (hint:  this ham is in WV, a tough state to get on VHF);  W8WG and KB8GUE EM89;  W3IP FM19;  N1GC EM95;  W4LES, WA4NJP and W4IMD EM84;  KY4MRG EM77;  WM8I EN80;  KA2KQM EM74;  NR8OI, WB8ART and N8XA EM79;  KC8RRT EN81;  KA1ZE FN01;  VE3MLM FN04;  NG4C FM16 and VE3XTM EN93

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