New 2-Meter and 222 MHz Beacons

9:15pm Tuesday

This will be the last post for tonight.

I’ve gotten email about 3 new beacons.  Let me summarize…

1)  On 144.295, K8MM has a beacon from EN83fa, near Flint, MI.  Beacon is up at 90′, with 10w going to the antenna, which is a horizontally polarized omnidirectional loop.  The cw message is “V V V de K8MM/B EN83FA FLINT MI”, repeating about every 10 seconds.
K8MM has plans in the future to put up beacons for 50, 222 and 432 MHz.   If I hear of anything concrete, I will post it here.

2)  I’ve been hearing that there’s a new beacon around 144.290.  This is the W9MUP beacon.  In fact, when I look at W9MUP’s page at, I see he has posted the following:  “Have beacons @ 28.295.8 50.075.5,144.290, 432.315.5 , 1296.072.5 , 2304.041.5″  (I assume they are located at his EN52eo QTH, which is on basically on the WI/ILL border, SW of Madison, WI.)

3)  A new 222 MHz beacon is on the air.  Here’s the complete info, via a post to the Badger Contesters group by W9JJ:
” Gang,
Listen up for a new 222 Beacon…
Frequency – 222.058 MHz CW
Call sign – N9HF
Message – 30 second carrier followed by “de N9HF/BCN EN 52 Clinton, Wis”
Location – EN52nn – just North of I-43 in Clinton WI
Height – Antenna is at 120′ AGL (about 1000′ AMSL)
Rig – converted Midland 13-509
Power – 3.5 watts (at transmitter) into 120′ of 7/8ths Heliax
Antenna – Single horizontally-polarized Halo antenna on the mast at
the top the tower, on the South side of the mast.
Reception reports invited to “
Beacon went on the air at sundown today – 0001 GMT 8/23/14…

73 Bart W9JJ”


4)  A nice listing of Midwest VHF/UHF beacons is here:
To that listing, I would also add that a beacon is on 432.300 – the W8GVK/B from EN63vb, Grand Haven, in western MI.   

Two good listings of beacons are here:  covers 144 MHz and higher
and…  covers exclusively 50 MHz  (6 meters)
Save those to your VHF/UHF favorites folder.   Don’t rely on for your only source of beacon info.   Also, don’t be surprised if a listed beacon is no longer on the air or if you hear a beacon that isn’t listed.

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