Fall 144 MHz VHF Sprint is Mon., Sept. 21st from 7-11pm

   4:50pm Thur.

   While I’ve got you here, let’s post info about the Fall VHF Sprints.   
   I almost forgot about them, but saw some chit-chat at the ON4KST.com VHF chat room.  (Talking the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz, see this post http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072 for details on how to register for this free service) 

    The 2014 VHF Fall Sprint schedule:  

2014 Sprints Schedule
Sprint Dates
50 MHz 2300Z Saturday Aug 9 to 0300Z Sunday August 10
144 MHz 7 pm to 11 pm local time on Monday September 22
220 MHz 7 pm to 11 pm local time on Tuesday September 30
432 MHz 7 pm to 11 pm local time on Wednesday October 8
Microwave – 902 MHz + 6 am to 1 pm local time on Saturday October 18

    This info is at the sponsor’s webpage:  http://svhfs.org/wp/rules-for-2014-vhf-fall-sprints/  

    Please help support the VHF Sprints.  Spread the word to your VHF friends, get on the air, go out roving, let others know about your plans.

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