N9XKH EN52il Will Call 144.240 Net This Wed. — Jan. 21

2pm  Tues.

Turns out there will be a 144.240 net this week after all.

I just got email from N9XKH Dennis, and he’s offered to pick up the net tomorrow night.

N9XKH is located about 130 miles south of WB9LYH.  The exact QTH is EN52il, which is right on the ILL/WI state line, a little bit WNW of Rockford, IL.
Dennis has a long yagi up high in the clear and he now has a 400w amp he wants to test out.  He’s glad to help out tomorrow night and we all know how it is when we have a new toy — we want to see how it works.

Please look toward EN52il on the ILL/WI state line tomorrow night at 8pm central for alternate 144.240 net control N9XKH.   Help spread the word to anyone you can think of, so they know where to look.

I’ve asked Dennis to follow the same antenna pattern as WB9LYH.  Look toward MI/VE-3/OH and IN first, and then rotate S, SW, W, NW and N for the final 30-40 minutes or so (give or take, depending on activity levels)

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