The 144.205 Morning Group is Alive and Well

3:15pm Thur.

When I visit the ham chat and spend some time using the “chat review” from the dropdown menu, I can see the chat is doing great.  (Talking specifically about the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz).  A big boost to morning activity is the rebirth of the 144.205 Morning Group, with KA1ZE in FN01 putting his huge station and technical skills to good use, promoting daily 2m activity across a wide part of the Eastern Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Yes, I am located in WI.  Yes, this is primarily a Midwest/Great Lakes VHF/UHF blog.  But the 144.205 Morning Group is always looking to expand and my hope is guys in MI/IL/IN/WI will get on the stick and start looking east and make themselves heard.  THERE IS NO REASON THE 144.205 MORNING GROUP COULDN’T BECOME A NATIONWIDE DEAL, IF ENOUGH GUYS GET ON AND GET INVOLVED.   Same with the 432.110 UHF activity that N4PZ in EN52gb (100 miles west of Chicago) spearheads every evening at 8pm.

The best way to start monitoring what’s happening on the bands every single morning and evening is to 1)  Turn on your radio and make contacts and 2) register for the free ham chat rooms.  Both the 144.205 and 432.110 groups put this real-time chat to use, helping to coordinate and motivate hams in many different states and grids.  If you have no idea what the ham chats are, visit this link:   Over 4,600 USA/VE VHF’ers are registered for the chat.  There’s no pressure to type if you don’t want to.  Most folks there simply observe in the background.  So take your time and get comfortable.

The 144.205 Morning Group was on hiatus for a year or so, but seems to have come alive again, as of summer or fall 2014.  Again, KA1ZE in FN01 has been the driving force, but it takes dozens of 2m SSB guys everywhere to really make it work.  Click this link for full details and help spread the word.

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