Remember 432.110 MHz Activity 7 Nights a Week

2pm Monday

While we’re on the topic of recurring activity you can count on, let me relay email from N4PZ, who has been stirring up more 432MHz activity for several years now.  The pace has really picked up in the last year or so, as they’ve gone to nets every night.   Plus N4PZ has a full legal limit amp and 4 long yagis on 432, so he can get out 400-500 miles to well-equipped stations under flat band conditions.  Use CW if you care or need to, N4PZ is a big fan of CW and CW really helps when making those distant contacts.
Final tip — this group uses the ham chat every night.  Great way to let others know you are out there.  Talking specifically about the “IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.”  If you have no idea what this free, no-BS chat is all about, visit this post:   By now, nearly 5,000 USA and Canadian VHF/UHF’ers are registered for the chat.  There is normally good activity in the mornings and evenings.  Joining does not obligate you to yak up a storm — most guys simply log in and observe.

Hi Gents

Remember the 432.110 net Monday night at 8 PM CST / 9 PM EST.

As usual We will begin looking SE from EN52gb 100 miles west of Chicago.
Then east, NE N, NW etc .Anyone we miss to the east will be picked up after we complete the 360 degree sweep.

We’re asking that everyone help dig out the small stations I cannot hear.

Thanks all & happy hunting.

We need a big tropo opening to the gulf coast.



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