Renewed This Domain for 2 More Years This Morning. I Use

11:35 am Monday

I renewed for two more years this morning.  Even though I’m no longer on the air (visit posts dated March 15, 2014 for full details of my decision), I still feel as though I’m helping overall activity levels on weak-signal VHF/UHF bands.  And even if I burn out at some point and stop posting for a while, this blog (and the archives) will be available until at least spring of 2017.

You know, I never mention much about the details of this website, mostly because I know next to nothing about websites and I deliberately chose a very simple solution (WordPress).   I know would be more entertaining and eye-catching if I knew how to do things like insert images, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, LOL.

What I DO want to mention is that I have had do my website hosting (think that’s the right term) ever since I started this blog on April 1, 2009.  Reason I mention is that fellow ham KA9FOX is the boss and Scott does a great job.  I strongly recommend him for web hosting.  He helped me so much when I was confused and trying to get this up and running.
PLUS… if you go to and scroll down just a bit, look toward the middle-left and you will see ham radio classified ads.   Keep up to date with those ads, if you are looking for rigs, accessories, antennas, whatever.

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