CQ WorldWide VHF Contest is This Weekend + Post Your Contest Plans + VHF Contesting School Articles

1pm Tuesday

Starting at 1pm (central)/1800 UTC this Saturday, we have the 2nd major VHF contest of the summer.  CQ WW VHF is a lot of fun, especially if 6 meters opens up with sporadic E skip.

The CQ WW VHF is 6 meters and 2 meters only.   These are the foundation bands of VHF, and nearly every ham has one of these bands.   This is a great contest for newer VHF’ers, and plenty of veterans enjoy it, too.
It runs 27 hours.  Starts at 1800Z on Sat., July 18th and ends at 2100Z on Sun. the 19th.  Link to rules —

W0UC in EN44 has once again created a Google spreadsheet where you can post your contest plans.  Your plans don’t have to be etched in stone; just an indication that you will be on is fine.  Also note that there’s a separate tab on the bottom for rovers.
I know nothing about Google spreadsheets, I’m just the messenger.  Also W0UC kindly asks that the emphasis remain on areas within 300-400 miles of EN44.  This is NOT a nationwide resource.  It would be great if other parts of the country developed their own contest “sign-up” sheets.
The link to the CQ WW VHF 2015 Google spreadsheet is:


1)  If you’re looking for a Summer 2015 VHF/UHF Contest Calendar, consult my post dated May 28th at kc9bqa.com.  Here’s the specific link:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=8279

2)  If you (or a ham buddy you know) isn’t sure about VHF/UHF contesting,  I can help.   Several years ago, I wrote a series of articles that I hope will educate and motivate hams to get on the air for the friendly and laid-back VHF Contests.    Visit this link for KC9BQA’s VHF Contesting School articles   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5931   You are free to share those articles with hams everywhere.

As of July, 2015, some of the info I’m sharing in those articles may be outdated, in the areas of scoring or rules.  Refer to the ARRL or CQ websites for current info.

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