Fall VHF Sprints Move to 144 MHz on Monday, Sept. 21

4:30pm  Thur.

Back on Aug. 5th, I posted the Fall VHF Sprints schedule.  Here’s a reprint:

I see from a few email resources that the Fall VHF Sprints have snuck up on us.

SPRINT                     Dates
50 MHz                    2300Z  Sat. Aug. 8 to 0300Z Sun. Aug. 9th.  (6-10pm Sat. in central time zone)
144 MHz                   7-11pm local time on Mon. Sept. 21st
220 MHz                  7-11pm local time on Tue. Sept. 29th
432 MHz                  7-11pm local time on Wed. Oct. 7th
(902 MHz and Up)   7am-2pm local time on Sat. Oct. 10th

This info and rules can be found at:  http://svhfs.org/wp/

Please spread the word about the 2015 Fall VHF Sprints

EARLY HEADS-UP that the next major, multi-band VHF/UHF contest is on the weekend of Sept. 12-13.  This is the ARRL September VHF Contest.

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