This Week’s 144.240 and 144.252 Net Reports

6:45am Thursday

Last night with the 144.240 net, WB9LYH reported good propagation.  Mark had a nice long list of 18 check-ins:  K8IHY EN72;  K8TQK and KB8GUE EM89;  K9ILU, K9CCL and N9JBW EN61;  W8SOL and KC8ZJL EN71;  N9NDP and W9GU EN62;  K9KHW EN63;  WM8I and WB8AUK EN82;  N9RXM and KC9OVD EN41;  WA9BNZ EN40 and KD0YIB was in there again from EM28, about an hour southeast of Kansas City.
The 144.240 net is called every Wed. at 8pm central by WB9LYH in EN54cl, central WI, near WI Rapids.  Scroll down to other net posts here at if you need more specifics.

** WB9LYH expects to be on at least the next few Wednesdays.  If his schedule ever changes, I post that info and who the alternate net control might be right here at **

Back on Monday night, not only was there the 2m Fall Sprint, but K8TQK called his 144.252 net as usual.   Bob’s 16 check-ins were:  N8WNA EN82;  WB8AUK EN80;  W8SOL EN71;  VE3ZV EN92;  W2UAD FN13;  K3GNC FN20;  KJ4YZB FM07;  KA2KQM EM74;  WA4NJP and N4QH EM84;  WD4NMV EM85;  N8GCP EM88;  KI4ROF EM55;  KB8GUE EM89;  N8HMG EN91 and WB8AHT EN72.
The 144.252 net is called every Mon. at 8:30pm eastern by K8TQK in EM89je, south-central OH, near Chillicothe.  Scroll down to other net posts here at if you need more specifics.

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