Saturday Night 144.205 Net out in FM18, Maryland

7:50pm Friday

Got a nice email from W3BFC Ray a few days ago.  Ray wants readers here at to know that they are looking for Midwest and Great Lakes activity over in FM18.  A net is called on 144.205 nearly every Saturday evening at 9:30pm eastern.  Net control is W3BFC, and Ray has a pair of 12 element K1FO’s up high into a 1000 watt amp.  Remember, W3BFC and WB9LYH did hear bits of each other on Wed., Nov. 18th, which was a night with very average conditions, at best.   You stations east and southeast of WI, especially, stand a shot at making it into FM18.  Let me share Ray’s email:


Please alert your mid west operators that every Sat. at 9:30EST [0230 UTC] a group in the Chesapeake area[FM18] meet with checkins from VA to CT.  W3BFC is Net Control.  WM8I and K8TQK sometimes check in.

We would like to hear from other nearby E Ohio, MI, and IND. stations.. Please listen for W3BFC as we are sure we can stretch the string a little further…


W3BFC, RAY  [FM18tr]

KC9BQA continues…  Please help spread the word to other VHF’ers about this Sat. night 144.205 activity out of FM18, Chesapeake Bay region.
I noticed that W3BFC, like 100’s of other active VHF’ers, uses the real-time and free ham chat.  Talking specifically about the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz.  I bet if you watched that chat on a Saturday night, you’d be able to get net control’s attention.  Or visit anytime and observe.  Mornings and evenings have plenty of activity to view.
If you haven’t heard of the ham chat rooms, go here:

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