This Week’s 144.240 and 144.252 Net Reports

12:30pm Thursday

As I mentioned back on Sunday, the unusually warm weather has meant enhanced band conditions for much of the past 4-5 days.  Hope you got on the air and worked some DX.

The 144.240 net is called every Wed. at 8pm central/9pm eastern by WB9LYH in EN54cl, central WI, near WI Rapids.  Antenna pattern is NE to start, then E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next 45-60 minutes, depending on activity levels.
Last night, Mark reported the weather was too nice, not many hams indoors.  (I suspect many were down the band, closer to 144.200, working or listening for DX).  Mark had 13 check-ins:  N8WNA EN82;  WA8IPJ EN74;  K9ILU, KD9BGY, N9JBW and K9CCL EN61;  KR8T EN72;  N9RXM, KC9OVD and AC0RA (who was 5/3 with only 2 watts out) EN41;  W9BBP and WA9BNZ EN40 and N9DG EN52.

**WB9LYH expects to call the net as usual both Nov. 11 and Nov. 18.  He will be OFF on Wed., Nov. 25th.  Happy Thanksgiving, in advance**

K8TQK calls the 144.252 net every Monday at 8:30pm eastern from EM89je, south-central OH, near Chillicothe.    Bob’s antenna pattern is N to start, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next hour, give or take.   He had a big ol’ net on Monday — the 31 check-ins were:  N8XA, WB8LNG and NR8O EM79;  N8WNA EN74;  WM8I and WB8AUK EN80;  K9LQA EM68;  AC3L/M FN00;  KD8JQ EN91;  KD8QDQ and KB8GUE EM89;  W2UAD FN13;  W3IP FM19;  KO4YMC FM17;  W0LD FM15;  W4LES, W4IMD and W9BN EM84;  K9GZ EN90;  KI4ROF EM55;  WA4REE EM65;  N9RXM EN41;  K0TPP EM48;  WB0SWQ and N9DT EN40;  K9ILU and KD9BGY EN61;  WB8AHT EN72;  WB9LYH EN54;  and N9EM and KA9VDU EN53.
THAT is a busy evening on VHF.  Music to my ears, even if I’m not on the air anymore.   (See posts dated March 15, 2014 at if you want more info about that decision)

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