ARRL January VHF Contest is Jan. 30-31, 2016

7:15pm Sat.

The ARRL January VHF Contest is in 4 weekends.  In 2016, it runs on Jan. 30-31st, which is a wise choice as it doesn’t bump up against the NAQP SSB contest on HF, nor does it run into the NFL playoffs.  That should help enhance activity.
Here’s the link to the ARRL rules:     In the central time zone, the contest starts at 1pm on Sat., Jan. 30, and runs 33 hours, until 10pm on Sun., Jan. 31.   All bands 50 MHz and above are in play.
This is the first major VHF/UHF contest of the year, others will follow in June, July and September.  Start telling your ham buddies to get ready to get on the air with whatever you have.   An important thing to remember about VHF/UHF contests is that they are far mellower than the ones on HF.  At least that’s the case in the Midwest/Great Lakes.   You don’t have to worry about having a killer station, or every band, or making a big score.  Get on and hand out some points.  Believe me, when I was actively contesting (2004-2012) I appreciated every contact, loud or quiet.

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