Last Week’s 144.240 Net Report from N9XKH

9:45am  Sunday

As mentioned in the last post, N9XKH Dennis filled in as 144.240 net control this past Wed.  Dennis sent a net report, which I will repost here.  Also want to add that WB9LYH expects to be back as regular net control for Wed. March 9th and beyond.

Slow night, a few found the “fill in” net control of N9XKH NW of Rockford, Il.

I could hear KC9AZ but we didnt connect.

I found out that my mast has slipped by around 70degrees again in the 80 plus MPH winds a few days ago. Once I figured that out I was able to make a few contacts to salvage the night.

KD9BGY, N9JBW, K9ILU, en61

W9UIJ en52

W9BBP, WB9SWQ en40

completed the short list for this week.

It is always a pleasure to fill in for Mark when he cant make it. Just a note to those who are listening for Mark, If you dont hear him look 100 miles to the south for N9XKH as a fill in. I tend to keep at it till after 9:30 pm local time trying to catch everybody. Towards the end I just spin the beam 10 degrees and call again and again a few times around.

Dennis Gray, N9XKH.


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