Post Your August UHF Contest Plans Here

11:15am Tue.

Again, the August UHF Contest is this weekend — Aug 6-7.  Runs 24 hours from 1800Z Saturday to 1800Z Sunday.  That’s from 1pm central Sat. until 1pm central Sun.  All bands from 222 and 432 MHz and above are in play.
Go to the post directly below this one at for a full rundown of this year’s UHF contest.

For years, W0UC in EN44 has been helping increase participation.  He creates interactive Google spreadsheets for Midwest and Great Lakes VHF/UHF’ers to post their contest plans.  The link to this weekend’s UHF contest spreadsheet is

Now that I’ve shared that link, a few reminders:
Your plans don’t have to be etched in stone; just an indication that you will be on is fine.  Also note that there’s a separate tab on the bottom for rovers.  Please share this resource with the UHF’ers you know in WI/MN/IL/MI/IN/OH/IA/MO/KS/NE/SD and ND.  Plus parts of VE-4 and VE-3 that can work into WI/MN.
I know nothing about Google spreadsheets, I’m just the messenger.  Also W0UC kindly asks that the emphasis remain on areas within 300-400 miles of EN44.  This is NOT a nationwide resource.  It would be great if other parts of the country developed their own contest “sign-up” sheets.

Good luck with this weekend’s UHF contest.  It’s very important for everyone to spread the word.  Please refer hams to and the posts I’ve made today (8/2/16) if they need more details.

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