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N9XKH EN52il Calls 144.240 Net Tomorrow at 9pm Eastern/8 Central

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

10:45am Tuesday

Tomorrow night the 144.240 net from WI will have a guest net control.   N9XKH Dennis on the WI/IL border (grid square EN52il) will fill in for WB9LYH.  Dennis has filled in before when Mark needs relief and we are grateful.  N9XKH has a nice signal, but he doesn’t have a lot of time to play radio so when Dennis is able to call a net, he really enjoys all the check-ins he can work.  Like everyone, he wants to know how well his signal is getting out.

Again, 144.240 net for tomorrow (Wed., Feb. 15th) will be called by N9XKH in EN52il, right on the WI/IL border a little SSW of Madison, WI.  Regular start time of 9pm eastern/8pm central.  Antenna pattern with the net is to always look into the eastern time zone first.  For N9XKH in EN52, that means he’ll probably look NNE into the U.P. and northern part of Lower MI first.  Then edge northeast into central MI, then east into southern WI, southern MI and VE-3, then southeast into IN and OH, then south down thru IL and into MO.  Then start turning southwest into MO, KS and IA, then west into IA, NE and at the end northwest into MN and perhaps the Dakotas??  Always nice when we scare up the occasional check-in from the Dakotas.
All licensed amateurs are welcome.  The net is informal and the purpose is to get more signals on 2 meter SSB.  We always appreciate you spreading the word.

Regular net control WB9LYH in EN54cl (central WI, near WI Rapids) expects to call the net on Wed., Feb. 22 at the usual start time of 8pm central/9pm eastern.

Last 4 Net Reports for the 144.240 Wed. Net

Monday, February 13th, 2017

6:30pm Sunday

I apologize for letting these slide.  Net control WB9LYH emails them to me every week so the delay is all on my end.
Here are the last 4 net reports:
On January 18th, WB9LYH (EN54cl, central WI) had 17 check-ins and one near miss from DX.  The list included WA9JML EN51;  W8SOL EN71;  K9CCL, KD9BGY, N9JBW, N9IYV and N9KKF EN61;  WB8LNG EM79;  WB9TFH EN53;  KC9VHD and AB9QH EN62;  W9BBP, WA9BNZ and WB0SWQ EN40;  W9UIJ EN52;  N9RXM EN41 and W9UUM EN43.  KJ4MCZ was tracking along on the real-time ham chat and he reported hearing bits and pieces of net control from FM06 (south-central VA) but Mark could not hear the VA station.
Also happy to report that W9UUM is a new all-time check-in to the 144.240 Wed. net.  Thanks for tuning in and for being on 2 meter SSB.

On Jan. 25th, WB9LYH had wet snow, high noise and fewer stations on in the aftermath of a contest weekend.  Still, there were 10 check-ins:  WB8LNG EM79;  KD9BGY, K9CCL, K9ILU and N9KKF EN61;  W8SOL EN71;  WB9TFH EN53;  N9RXM EN41;  W9UIJ EN52 and W9BBP EN40.

On Feb. 1st, there was highly variable propagation and 12 check-ins:  WA9JML EN51;  KD9BGY, K9ILU, K9CCL, N9JBW and N9KKF EN61;  W8SOL EN71;  KC9VHD EN62;  WB8LNG EM79;  W9UIJ EN52;  W1JWS EN50 and WA9BNZ EN40

Last Wed., Feb. 8th, 144.240 net control WB9LYH reported very tough propagation, with lots of variation again.  The 13 check-ins were:  K9ILU, N9KKF and K9CCL EN61;  WA9JML EN51;  WB8LNG EM79;  W9UIJ EN52;  KB9MIV EM59;  WB0SWQ and WA9BNZ EN40;  W1JWS EN50;  N9RXM EN41;  WB9TFH EN53 and WD8CBO EN35.
WD8CBO is a new check-in to the net.  Always good to have more signals from MN and hope you’re enjoying 2 meter SSB.