Spring VHF and Up Sprints Schedule

11:30 am Friday

The first Spring VHF Sprint (2 meter band) is 10 days away.  Time to repost this info on the top of the “front page” here at kc9bqa.com.  Feel free to share this info in all directions; get more signals on the air.

144 MHz:  Monday, 4/17/17 from 7-11pm in your local time zone.
222:            Tuesday, 4/25/17 from 7-11pm — again local time
432:           Wednesday, 5/3/17 from 7-11pm   local time
Microwave (902MHz and Up)  Saturday, 5/6/17  from 8am-2pm in your local time zone
50 MHz :   Saturday, 5/14/17 from 2300Z Sat. evening until 0300Z Sunday 5/14/17.   (In the central time zone, this would be from 6pm-10pm Sat. evening)

The reason the 50 MHz sprint uses UTC time is because there could be sporadic Eskip openings, meaning DX potential where 6 meters would be open across multiple time zones, so it’s best to have everyone on the same UTC time.

Here is the link to the Spring Sprints Website:


Make plans now to get on for the Spring VHF and Up Sprints.

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