Two Websites That Help Show Band Conditions

11:20am Friday

I haven’t posted this info in a while so with spring here, it’s time.

Here are two websites that can help you stay on top of potential band enhancement:

1st would be this:  It’s not a perfect indicator.  It sometimes has false openings, and it’s even more important to remember that 2m SSB/CW has a standard range of 200-400+ miles under flat band conditions.  So even if you’re seeing little or no color in your area, you can still make good contacts.  The point is to not fall into the habit of only trying when that map looks good.  You will miss little mini-openings that pop up under the radar, so to speak.   But when there is a major band opening, it will be reflected by brighter colors.

2nd would be this:   This site attempts to predict band openings for days in advance.  Like weather forecasters, the forecasts here are not always accurate.  But I still feel the Hepburn site has value.  It’s very seldom that a major, widespread tropo event doesn’t show up here,  a few days in advance.  Plus, I’m a lifelong weather geek, so I like “keeping up with the forecasts”.  This site  updates in the early afternoon.

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