Wed. 144.240 Net Reports Going Back to Jan. 10th


Just spent 45 minutes typing up a nice report, was about to post it, hit some odd button on this keyboard and POOF! it disappeared.   Haven’t done that trick in a very long time.  Alrighty then, let’s get restarted.

Since it is Wed., the 144.240 net is ON tonight at 8pm central/9pm eastern.  All licensed hams are welcome to the 144.240 Wed. net; please help us spread the word.  The net is informal and the goal is to increase activity on 2 meter SSB.
144.240 net control WB9LYH advises that he expects to be on, as usual, in February. The 144.240 net is called every Wed. at 8pm central/9pm eastern. Net control WB9LYH is located right in the middle of WI, grid square EN54cl. Mark has a big signal and enjoys hearing from locals and especially DX.  WB9LYH loves pushing the propagation limits.  Let others in DX range know that Mark’s on 144.240 Wed. nights with stacked 17B2’s and 500 watts.
If you’d like more detailed info about the Wed. 144.240 net, scroll down to the 2nd half of the post dated Nov. 16 (2017) at

Back on Jan. 10th, net control WB9LYH emailed, “The warm weather brought propagation to the south.  Checkins were WA9JML, KD9GJB and N9ABR EN51;  K9CCL and K9ILU EN61;  W9BBP, WA9BNZ and WB0SWQ EN40;  N9ARB and KC9KCR EN52;  N0RWR EN42 and N8XEW EN71.”
Want to welcome KD9GJB to the net.  Always grateful to have more signals on 2 meter SSB.

I have no net report for Jan. 17th.  I believe N9XKH Dennis helped out that night because WB9LYH was called away.  N9XKH fills in every now and again when Mark needs cover — thanks Dennis.

There were 18 checkins on Jan. 24th.  WB9LYH said, “Good propagation south, more stations on.  Checkins were KC9RAP EN63;  K9CCL and N9KKF EN61;  AB9QH and KC9VHD EN62;  W8SOL and N8XEW EN71;  WB8LNG EM79;  KC9TNK EN44;  WA9MJL EN51;  N9RXM EN41;  WA9BNZ, W9BBP and WB0SWQ EN40;  N0JA EM49;  N0RWR EN42;  N9ARB EN52 and WB9TFH EN53.”
I (KC9BQA) want to thank the EN40-area guys for being such great, regular checkins.  It feels like a few of you have been with us right from the start in 2008.  And others have joined in over time.  Plus it’s great having regular checkins from a good distance away because you can learn a lot about band conditions week-to-week.

Another strong net on Jan 31st with 17 checkins.  Net control WB9LYH shared, “Up and down propagation tonite, but lots of enthusiasm.  Checkins were KB9IME EN54;  KC9RAP EN63;  N9ZWL, AB9QH and KC9VHD EN62;  WA9JML and N9ABR EN51;  K9CCL, N9IYV and N9KKF EN61;  WB8LNG EM79;  WB9TFH EN53;  WA9BNZ, W9BBP and WB0SWQ EN40;  N0RWR EN42;  N9RXM EN41 and KC9TNK EN44.”
Want to also thank WB8LNG for checking in often from EM79, SW OH.  It’s at least a 400-mile path from WB9LYH to WB8LNG.  There’s another example of how far you can get out on 2 meter SSB.

Last Wed., Feb. 7th, WB9LYH noted, “The usual winter propagation tonite.  Checkins were KC9RAP EN63;  AB9QH and KC9VHD EN62;  WA9JML EN51;  WA9HIR and K9CCL EN61;  WB9TFH EN53;  WB8LNG EM79;  W9BBP, WA9BNZ and WB0SWQ EN40;  N9RXM EN41;  N0RWR EN42 and KC9TNK EN44.”

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