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Overdue 146.430 FM Net Reports

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

   On THUR AUG 19TH, I was away and Gil WB9TFH made some calls and found Milwaukee-area activity.   WD9ITJ, KX9N and K9FI joined in.   Thanks Gil.   
   On THUR AUG 26TH, I was unavailable and I heard of no other activity.
   On THUR SEPT 2nd, we had thunderstorms and the net was off.

   On THUR SEPT 9th, we had clear, calm, cool weather and the bands were in pretty good shape.   We had 6 check-ins:  KM4G, WB9TFH, WX9Z, K9FI were all Milwaukee area.   WD9IDC said hello from St. Charles, IL with 40w and a vertical up 35′.   KI8UM from Muskegon, MI tried to check-in but was too light.  
   I later heard activity scattered across the simplex channels, including one strong signal from Paw Paw, MI (K8FDX), and a very light one from the Flint, MI area.   Later, I was able to complete on 146.460 with WV9E, as they were in the ragchew portion of their net, 162 miles away.  

   On THUR SEPT 16th, we had decent conditions and good participation.   Heard from:  KC9SXO, KM4G, N9LAD, KB9YXQ, KC9JWZ, K9FI and WB9TFH, all Milwaukee area.  Also heard from KC9AOV in extreme SE Dane Co, WI, and had two check-ins from Sturgeon Bay, southern part of Door. Co.   They were K9HAH and KB9VXJ.   ‘VXJ was very strong and several of the check-ins worked him direct, during the ragchew portion later on.  

   On THUR SEPT 23rd, thunderstorms were nearby and I needed a night off anyway.   I hope some others got on and created activity.   

   I’ll start with the 144.240 and 144.230 SSB Net Reports now.

146.430 FM Net *OFF* BUT… Others May Get On.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

    4:35 pm.    I don’t like my forecast tonight, so I’m giving early notice that I’m OFF tonight with the 146.430 FM Simplex net.   However, others are free to call some CQ’s and see who’s out there.   I hope some of you do just that.  Keep an ear open for anyone over in MI, too.   Those guys were going to start doing their own thing before 8pm our time, and I hope that still happens one of these weeks.   
    I expect to be back on next Thursday, no problem.  
    Remember that WV9E Dave has a 146.460 FM simplex net from Onalaska, just north of La Crosse, at 8:30pm every Thursday.   Dave left a “comment” here below this post about that.   His website is  

    Finally, if you want to play 2m SSB tonight, then you have N9JBW’s Q5 net from Chicago, on 144.220 at 7pm central.   John has a nice station and runs a friendly net.   He starts out looking east, then looks NE, N, NW, W, SW, S.

146.430 FM Simplex Net Shaky for Thur. Night

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

   11pm — hearing the 1st thunder of the night in the distance.   What a beautiful start to autumn.   🙂   
   The thunder reminded me that tomorrow night’s (Thursday) forecast is filled with storms.   I’d say we’re very doubtful, right now.   I’ll re-evaluate things tomorrow afternoon and update here.

Busy Net, WHEW, at least 27 check-ins, Ran Late

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

    I owe this website at least 5 weeks of old net reports now.   I will get them done Friday, probably, maybe Saturday.     Tonight’s net had good conditions to the east, but not any farther south than a MI, Lake Erie, NY/PA line.   DX highlight was NY2Z, in FN02.   He had a 13B2 up 40′ and 50w, but he was on a hill at 2100′, basically on the NY/PA line.   He came up to S7 about 0130Z, and was going to look west on 432.110.   Hope some of you found each other.   
   If only everyone knew about the chat and then they used it, activity would explode.        
   I had at least 3 guys I couldn’t dig out.   They sounded like they were to my SSW thru WSW.   It was an interesting night, for sure.  

    BEST NEWS I heard all night was K8TQK, saying he is willing to look E and S from EM89, Southern Ohio, for more activity in places we’ll never reach without a major opening.    Bob and I are going to talk tomorrow to iron out some details.   You know I’ll advise here as soon as we come up with a program.    He said he’s willing to do this for at least the next month’s worth of Wednesdays.  
    So if you’re within 300-500 miles to the NE, E, SE, S or SW of  K8TQK, stay tuned.   Spread the word, and start enjoying even more activity on 2m SSB, on Weds. about 0030-0130Z.   My first thought is to have K8TQK call his program on 144.225 or .220.   Want to have separation.   But he’s been doing this for decades, so we’ll discuss it.   If anyone knows of a conflict on Wed. nights with those freq’s, let me or K8TQK know.    Don’t want to step on any scheduled activity that already exists.   Only other Wed. night activity I’m aware of is in Dallas, on 144.250, starting at 0200Z.   I know the KC guys try checking in there.  

    Please remember that the 144.240 net is now going to start at 0000Z, or 7pm central and 8pm eastern.   This will be in effect until next spring.   I am net control next Wed on 144.240.   I’ll advise when WB9LYH is available again; he’s been busy, but will be back.  
    KA0KYZ will be OFF next week on 144.230.  WB0YWW in EN22 is not available.   Unless someone wants to volunteer, I think we’ll be quiet on 144.230 next Wed.   I know KA0KYZ wants to continue doing the 144.230 thing from EN33, so look for him on Oct. 6th.

KA0KYZ *OFF* on 144.230 Tonight

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

    Too many storms in the EN33, SE MN area tonight.   KA0KYZ just advised in the chat that he will not be doing his 144.230 net tonight.

Nice Opening to the East @ 6pm Central

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

    Just checking email and the APRS real-time prop map at   Not only does the map show great color, but it’s backed up by an email from a FM broadcast band DX’er in London, Ontario, who’s reporting a 443 mile reception of 90.1 MHz FM in Wausau, WI.   I’m also hearing the VE3LPL beacon in EN92, steady S1 on a 347 mile path — it’s on 144.283.

    Regardless of whether you enjoy nets or not, it’s a good night to look east and make contacts on the bands.   I’m hearing some light stuff on/near 144.200, but think they’re not pointed this way.   I need to head in for dinner, so I’m not CQ’ing.  

    I am ON with the 144.240 net starting at 8pm central.   KA0KYZ in EN33 is in a bunch of T-storms.   He may be able to get on at 8pm, and look S, SW, W, NW and N, but his weather looks shaky.  
    If I’m late turning to my S and W with the 144.240 net, it’s because I’m working a bunch of stations to my E and SE.   I will gladly refer them to 144.230, .220 and lower,  to get other stations in our area involved. 
    Use that real-time VHF chat tonight.   It’s always fun on Wed. and guys make more Q’s by coordinating there.   Make sure to choose the IARU Region 2 room for 144/432 MHz.

Wed. Night Net Lineup — KC9BQA EN63 on 144.240 and KA0KYZ EN33 on 144.230 @ 0100Z

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

   If you want more detail about the long-range SSB nets tomorrow night, click on this link:   It’s a repeat of last week’s announcement.   Nothing changes for this week.  

   BUT…   Looking out to fall, want to alert guys that we’ll be changing the start time of (at least) the 144.240 net back to 7pm central/8pm eastern as the days grow shorter.   This will stay in effect until March or April.   This could happen as soon as Sept. 29th — stay tuned.   KA0KYZ is free to do his own thing; I’m not sure if starting an hour earlier works for him.  
   I can tell you that KA0KYZ is *not* available on Sept. 29th.   Perhaps WB0YWW in EN22 would pinch-hit for the 144.230 net and give good coverage out in MN/IA/MO/KS/NE/Dakotas.   I need to email Bob.

222 Tuesday is ON Every Tuesday

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

    Tonight is a good time to get on for 222 Tuesday.    Guys could be testing gear ahead of the 222 sprint on Tuesday, Sept. 28th.    Help spread the word in your area about 222 Tuesday.   It’s been very slow for several months.  

    222 Tuesday is a general activity night for the 1.25m band, all across the USA and VE.   No net control, no single area of focus.   Get on/near 222.100 SSB/CW, call CQ, swing beams, see who all is out there.   Be conscious of not hogging 222.100.   Spread out a little and/or give others a chance to call on .200.   If you’re FM-only, see who you can raise on or near 223.500.   Most guys seem to get on toward dark, but there are no set times.   
    My own 222 station is a sore topic.   So is 432.   Those beams are stuck pointed east.   I’ll advise here when things have been fixed.   Glad that I can rotate on 144.

Sprint was Good — 41Q’s and 17 Grids

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

   Rovers really perk things up.   🙂   They have a very beneficial ripple effect on overall activity levels.  

   Had KE6CBR, W9FZ and K9JK all roving tonight.   Made 7 total Q’s with them.   W9FZ favors spreading out to .240 and I heard him in a pileup — he said he had 23Q’s in 13 minutes at one point.   That was fun to listen to.   I know KE6CBR said he had 33 total Q’s — great effort for a new rover.    W9FZ made 62 (!) Q’s.   We’re gabbing on .200 at 11:05pm.    W9FZ reports working at least 16 different WIVUCH counties (see for details about how you can snag your own WIVUCH award — both WI and out-of-state hams are welcome to play along)    

     Promotion worked with this sprint.   We got the word out in WI and surrounding states.   What guys did from there was up to them.   N8LIQ got on from EN56 and reported 17 Q’s from the U.P of MI.   I heard him work some nice paths — WR9L in the southern end of EN61 was one.  

    It was a beautiful night.   Clouds and scattered showers gave way to warm south winds as the night arrived.   Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the 80’s.   Conditions were good, but not great.   Best overall DX was K8TQK in EM89.  
Was also good to work out to EN91 with K8GDT and EN81 with N8DJB.   Both were S1 at best, but the band was quiet tonight and had little problem copying them.  

    I had some fun on FM.   Kept 146.550 squelched and heard it come to life about 8:30pm.   After a bit, I figured out they were off to my SW, so I switched to the 10el vertical beam.   Made Q’s with KC9LBO near Viroqua and KC9KOP in Richland Center (about 120-130 mile paths).   Signed with them and tried 146.580, and found local KM4G and WB9GBG in Iola, Waupaca Co., EN54.   WB9GBG had some questions about this sprint, and said he also had 144.200 and a 13B2.   Turns out he worked N8LIQ almost immediately on 144.200.     Just figured out that Waupaca Co. is probably a new WIVUCH county for me.   I gotta tally up my counties sometime when I have a rainy day.   I must be somewhere between 30 and 40, since the WIVUCH program started on Jan 1, 2010.   

     Next sprint is 222MHz on Tuesday, Sept 28th, and then 432MHz is on Wednesday, Oct 6th.   Both run from 7-11pm in your local time zone.   Microwave (900 MHz and up) is on Sat. morning, Oct. 16th, from 6am-noon and 50 MHz (6m) is on Sat. evening, Oct. 30th, from 2300-0300UTC time.     Full sprint info and rules are at:

2M Fall Sprint Monday Night + Potential WIVUCH Activity = Fun

Friday, September 17th, 2010

    I don’t want the Fall VHF/UHF Sprints info to slide off the main page.   I know most folks are in a hurry so here’s the link you need:   Feel free to pass that info around.
    Talk up the Fall Sprints this weekend.   Get ready to make contacts Monday night, from 7-11pm.   If you have a desire to go Portable or Rover, please do it.   Make sure we know you’re going to be out there so we can look for you.