Internet restored — it’s been out since Sat. night.

   A fellow just got thru replacing a fried radio receiver up on my roof.  Apparently, my wireless internet receiver took a lightning hit sometime between 6pm and 10pm on Sat. night. 

   So anyway… tomorrow is Wed. which is SSB net night on 2 meters.  There’s a chance that thunderstorms would interfere, but so far, the Milwaukee-area forecast is for convection to hold off until midnight or later tomorrow.    As of now, I’d plan on the 144.240 SSB net from 7:15-8:15pm central, and  144.250 SSB  from 8:30pm-9:15/30pm. 

   There’s also the FM net on 146.43 Thursday night, which may be affected by weather.  That one may end up being a game-time decision.  Actually, all nets are a game-time decision, in a way.  I can recall many Wed. and Thur. nights last summer/fall, where I didn’t know whether a net could be safely held until just before the scheduled start. 

    Now that I have this website, and lots of interested visitors, I need to have a policy in place.  The policy will be to announce nets (and net cancellations) on this website.  This will be the best place to check what’s going on. 

   Also keep in mind that even if a net is cancelled, anyone can get on the air and create activity.  Take a little initiative and start something yourself.  There doesn’t have to be any perfect format or rigid protocol.  Just call CQ and let others know that at least someone is out there.   There will be times this spring and summer where nearby lightning will keep me from doing a net.  Again, I will do my best to post a headline on this website when I need to cancel.

One Response to “Internet restored — it’s been out since Sat. night.”

  1. JD Says:

    Hopefully a storm won’t take me off the air again thi week. Plan to be looking up your way and looking for other stations for new contacts on 144.200. I’ve been working on the WB0NQD station project with Richard this past week. Hopefully we will have him back on the air with all new antennas by this Saturday. Pictures of our progress can be found at (lower right side bottom link):

    Keep up the great work Todd and looking forward to the month of May and better conditions. 73 JD/N0IRS