Visit to see a great website

   You will notice comments from JD — N0IRS from time to time.   JD’s a big friend of VHF/UHF.  Visit his website to see what a *great* website looks like.  In another time and place, I’d not only have my enthusiasm, but also, JD’s website skills.  If every state or region had a JD or three promoting VHF/UHF, we’d be way better off.  For those of you who are already doing this, congrats and continued success.  Keep thinking about how to include more and more hams in VHF/UHF. 

   I also encourage you to join the KCVHFGridBandits.  1)  It’s free and you get some nice goodies from JD, just to welcome you aboard.  2)  I belong to KCVHFGB.  3)  Just because it’s out of your area, don’t hesitate.  JD’s working his tail off to make things better and joining the group is a great way to reward him for his efforts.  There’s over 150 folks on board with KCVHFGB, so join up and you’ll get the newsletters, etc. 

   I enjoy and appreciate comments from my readers.  If you have any input or suggestions, feel free to share it with me via the comments feature here, or via email, like many of you are used to.  Comments will become more and more useful as we head into contest season.  Why?  Because without lots of pre-game pep talks and comments, a lot of folks will stay on the fence and not try a contest.  It’s just human nature for most folks to want outside motivation.  Comments and participation from all of you will make a big difference. 

   I can think of a few dozen net participants from all across WI who came on board for the January ARRL VHF SS.  Talking new folks.  Folks that regular contesters are barely aware of.  We need better communication across various email lists, websites and the like.   More pre-contest publicity from multiple hams = a better contest for everyone.

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