144.250 Badger Contesters net *ON* tonight — 8:30pm

    Here’s how the 144.250 Badger Contesters net works.  Please note that everyone, everywhere is welcome to check-in or listen along.  As with all my nets, the purpose is to stir up activity on 2 meters.  Don’t worry if you’re short time, or worry about any protocol, or fixed agenda.  Just get on and enjoy the activity.  As with all my nets, please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.  My best nights are when I hear from someone who is new to VHF, or back on the air after an absence. 

   I start out at 8:30pm (all times central) calling CQ Badger Contesters Net to my south.  Typically, most of our check-ins are in the Chicago/Milwaukee area.  Once I get those areas accounted for, I start swinging the beams, calling CQ frequently.  I go clockwise, and see who else I can raise.  I typically start looking east and southeast about 8:40-50pm, and we’d really enjoy more check-ins from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  In contests, I get out to at least EN82/92/90/80 and EM89.   We also have semi-regular check-ins from EN71, NW Ohio. 

    I take all the check-ins and get a list.  I then get back to the south (where most of our check-ins typically are) and we start the net, with everyone having a chance to say hello to the group. 

    A new wrinkle I’m going to promote is this:  With better weather and propagation coming, I’m going to give check-ins the option of trying to directly contact the more DX-ish stations.  I’ll let the Milwaukee/Chicago area know what DX has checked into the net, and give them the option of QSY’ing up or down 10-15kc to work those stations directly.  This way, those who want to DX won’t have to sit around and wait 40-50 minutes for the net to end before working some other stations.  It also helps encourage newer operators to think about expanding their reach, as well as becoming more confident about “doing their own thing” on 144 SSB.  Finally,  it gives the “regulars” who just enjoy a more local rag-chew type net the option of staying right where we are, and doing what we’ve been doing all winter. 

    The Badger net on 144.250 is typically done about 9:15-9:30PM.  There is usually ragchewing afterward, so if you want to join in then, feel free to do so. 

    Any questions or comments, feel free to leave the comment here or email me.  

    It sounds like we won’t have weather problems tomorrow night with the 146.43 FM simplex net at 8:30pm.  Either way, I’ll post an announcement tomorrow afternoon.

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