144.240 SSB net report — 6 check-ins

   A good news/bad news net tonight.  

   Good =  improved conditions; best in multiple weeks
   Bad = My noise level from SW thru W was S2-5
   Bad =  My IC-910H was shutting down completely sometimes on transmit.

   Check-ins were:
   N0IRS        JD      EM29    KC, Mo.      S2
   W0FAY    Bill      EN42     Dubuque   S7 peaks
   KB9KTD   Dave   EN43    La Crosse area     S5 peaks
   W0MTW   Pat     EN24   near New Ulm, MN    S1     good to hear Pat again on the net
   WB0YWW  Bob  EN22  just SW of Ft. Dodge, IA   S5
   KB0CIM   Jim     EN37  Cohasset, MN   S2    haven’t had a path to EN37 in weeks

    The 144.250 Badger net had very good activity and from some new stations.   We keep adding new ones, which is exactly why we’re here.  Let’s get to that report.

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