144.250 Badger net report — 14 check-ins and good CX’s

   Conditions continued to improve to the W and NW as the night progressed.  Had some new calls for either the first or second time.  Very encouraging, and good to hear stronger signals.  Lots of fellows reported hearing stations a grid or two away off the sides.  Had some ragchewing afterward, as well. 

    Check-ins were: 
    WB9TFH       Gil      EN53       S3, then S9 with amp and beam
    K9FI            Jerry   EN53       S7
    AA9GC       Herb     EN63      20 over
    N9WU        Rick      EN53       S7
    W9CWD     Joe        EN52 – just south of Madison      S9  Joe was *loud* tonight
    W0FAY    Bill         EN42       S7
    K9JCZ       Gary      EN53   Fond du Lac    15 over
    Good to hear Gary after a long absence from VHF.  He had a moxon on top of a flagpole and was loud.  You could hear how glad he was to find some activity on VHF.  He and AA9GC ragchewed for some time afterward.   Gary talked about doing some opping from his cabin in EN55 for the June ARRL VHF QSO party.  Dozens of us sincerely hope he gets plenty of antenna up so we can hear him from “up Nort'”  🙂    Thanks for checking in Gary.  

    Oh yes, Gary also mentioned he will be pointing his moxon toward Milwaukee for the next several nights, so find him on 144 in Fond du Lac and say hello.  He’s a long-time VHF’er and happy to be back on. 

    KB9KTD   Dave     EN43      S2
    WB9LYH   Mark    EN54     20 over
    N9UY       Tom      EN54      10 over      Good to hear Tom on again from Appleton
    K9STN     Stan       EN54      S5     Stan’s 3rd time on the net and he was much louder tonight
    KC8ZJL   Dennis   EN71    NW Ohio     Dennis surprised me as I was pointing south, asking for check-ins from Milwaukee/Chicago area a 2nd time.  I heard him, even though I was 60 degrees off of him.  
    KA9AAB   Bob     EN53      20 over
    KC9KPV   Randy  EN53    40 over


     I expect to run the 146.43 FM simplex net tomorrow night at 8:30pm.  There’s a chance of a T-storm, but I’ll announce yea or nay by late afternoon/early evening, either way.  
     I did have a weird problem with my IC-910H completely shutting down on transmit for a time tonight.  It was fine later on.  I guess a trip to AES is in order for it.  Hopefully it’ll hold out thru tomorrow night.

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