Beacons you can listen for anytime on 2 meters

   I always forget to mention the two beacons I can hear on 144.  These are handy if you want to know your rig is working when the band appears dead.  They’re also handy to tune into at different times, so you can compare propagation at different times of the day.  

   I’m listening to one beacon right now, and it’s quite loud.  It was about S5 when I got out here at 7:15pm, and now it’s running about S9.  For most of the winter, I was hearing it S1-S2.  It’s got 10 watts, I believe, into a loop.  It’s also very high up, so it gets out well.  It’s located about 30 or so miles WSW of Madison, WI, and it’s on 144.297.  Give it a listen and see if you can identify it. 

    The other beacon I can hear is on 144.290 out of the La Crosse area.  This one isn’t as strong, but I can usually at least hear something out of it when I point right at it.  Tonight it’s running about S1-S2 on my rig.

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