146.43 FM Simplex net *ON* tonight — 8:30pm

    Last night with the SSB nets, I noticed that band conditions were better than they had been in many weeks.  If that holds true tonight, I expect to hear from some stations 50-100 miles away.   Spread the word to your friends, and if you have a vertical-pol. beam, point it at southern Sheboygan county. 

  With the FM net, I call for check-ins by county.    My omni is up 90′, and I run about 100 watts, so I expect to get out very well.  As with all my nets, a big goal is the ability to work stations far away.  So it really makes my night if I hear a check-in or two from more than 50, 60 miles away.  We usually have ragchewing after about 9:15-9:30, so stick around and enjoy the activity. 

    Warmer weather and better propagation is coming.  I can’t wait for a night where we have 15, 20, 25 check-ins. 
    Please help out 2 meters by spreading the word of this net to anyone you can think of that occasionally likes to get on 2 meter SSB or 2 meter Simplex.  Or just tell them about www.kc9bqa.com and they can read about it for themselves. 

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