144.240 and 144.250 nets both hosted by KC9BQA Wed. night

     WB9LYH is not available tomorrow night.   I will call the 144.240 net just like he does.   I start out at 0100Z, looking E/NE into N parts of Lower MI, and then slowly edge clockwise, calling CQ frequently.    So I’m past MI/VE/PA/NY by 0120-0130.   I’m past OH/IN by about 0120-40, and looking south toward IL/MO by then.    I’m past IL/MO by about 0140-0150, and looking SW toward IA.   Then looking W and NW toward La Crosse, and MN after about 0150-0200.    Don’t worry about the exact time; just understand the general procedure. 

     I will be trying to update the www.on4kst.com real-time chat as I call the net.    We use the 144/432 MHz room.   7 simple steps to get signed up are at http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072.   This is a great tool for knowing where I’m pointing, and who I’m hearing.   You can also use the chat to coordinate your own activity off the net freq.  
     By now you’ve heard it a million times — it’s nice when 20-40 guys show up to work net control.   It’s way better when 20-40 guys turn their beams in various directions and try to work others that net can’t reach.    Please do this down on 144.230 and lower.    If enough net guys start “looking around”, we’re going to make Wednesday a can’t-miss night to be on 144.

     The 144.250 net at 0230Z will be more for the S WI/N ILL guys tomorrow night.   I’ll probably be beat, so I may pull the plug after I’m done with the 144.250 “locals” about 0300-0330Z.   
     If you’re DX, look for me earlier on 144.240.   If you’re local, look for me on 144.250 later.   If you’re local and you want to try working some of the DX check-ins, please do so!   Try this on 144.230 and lower from about 0120-0230Z.

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