8 check-ins for 146.43 FM net tonight — still ragchewing at 9pm

    Tonight, we heard from:
   KM4G  Germantown;  WB9TFH West Allis;  KC9IGD N side of Fond du Lac;  KC9PQF West Allis;  KB9VSA Cedar Grove;  KC9NZR/M near Jackson;  K9IKE Brown Deer.    Now K9FI checking in at 9:05 from Brookfield.    We’ve basically been in ragchew mode since 8:30pm, so it’s nice to keep the activity going.  
   I think this was KC9IGD’s first time into the net, and it’s always good to hear from the FDL area.   Over time, I bet we’ve had at least a half dozen guys from up that way.   We never seem to hear from north of FDL, and I know a lot of guys in the Fox Valley are workable from my Sheboygan Co. QTH.    If anyone has ideas about how I can put the word out up that way, I’m all ears.  

   I’ve got plenty of ideas for getting more than just southern WI involved with doing more on V/UHF, but I need good ways of getting the word out in those directions.   Always looking to get the word spread as far as possible.

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