MRAC FM Simplex Contest was a lot of Fun.

    I only had time to do the 146/147 MHz portion of the MRAC FM Simplex Contest yesterday.   That was from 1-2pm.   Activity levels were very strong.   146.550, 146.565, 146.580, 146.595 were almost always busy.   147.540-147.570 was busy some of the time, as was 146.490.   I tried to make 146.490 my CQ frequency, but honestly, not that many guys were tuning down there.   I had better luck doing search and pounce (S&P) up closer to 146.55/146.58.  

    Got 23 contacts in that 1 hour.   Heard from several rovers, which was great.   NZ9I, K9FI and N9UUP were all workable.   I heard others working K9IZV, but I couldn’t copy Warren.   I know there were at least two rovers in the Chicago area, but that’s a stretch on FM simplex.   (Not on SSB — I work K9JK and WB8BZK on SSB from Chicago in every ARRL VHF Contest)  
     KX9M was portable from Lapham Peak.    N9FSE was portable from Holy Hill.   Agreeable weather (low 30’s and cloudy, no real wind) helped with the rover/portable activity, I’m sure.   

     Best DX was KC9CUK Erich, who’s in Marengo, IL, with a nice antenna up 100′ or so.   He was about S3, and easily workable.  
     If anyone has stories about the contest, I’m all ears.   Hardly anyone submits comments here, so go ahead and fill us in.

3 Responses to “MRAC FM Simplex Contest was a lot of Fun.”

  1. Dave Says:

    Didn’t make the Wildcat mountain trip, the boss (yl) had other ideas… I did operate the whole period from the shack, but heard
    no one from the Milw area. Worked 2 stations… K9WKW on 2 and WX9EP on 70cm… I heard low level signals on 2 and 6 but too far in the weeds for FM and my short verticals below the trees..
    I wasn’t figuring on much for contacts… maybe after the tower. I think we need this type of contest in our area… maybe after the net gets going. Thursday, 8:15 pm on 146.460 FM simplex, en43jv.
    I’ll send a notice this week after I finalize that I have clear schedule next week Thurs.


    Dave, WV9E

  2. Bill Says:

    I had a great time with the FM simplex contest this year. Again, I took up my perch on the fire tower at Lapham Peak State Park near Delafield, WI.. Despite snow and ice covered steps from top to bottom, I was able to make my way to the top in one piece…

    In a backpack, I had two HT’s -a VX-5 and VX-7 also, a 7Ah sealed battery. In the event of loosing a battery I had along enough jumpers and such that I could continue to run off the spare. For antennas I had my arrow antenna (3el. on 2m and 7el. on 70cm), A homebrew dipole for 6m, and 7el. beam on 220.

    There is a commercial tower just to the SW of the park and this causes me some problems on 2m rx.. When I open the squelch up I sometimes, get a flood of intermod from pagers and fairly often the NWS broadcast can be heard in there as well…depends on the freq I have dialed in.. I appreciate all those that stuck in there with me for some difficult exchanges..once, twice, sometimes three tries to get the job done.. Others made for real quick contacts…
    On to 70cm and goodbye to intermod…..

    70cm worked out fairly well and I worked a couple of stations that never thought we’d get the job done on 70cm if we hadn’t qso’d on 2m.. Well, I suppose I couldn’t hear them on 2m with the interference. I heard just about everyone I heard earlier on 2m…

    6m and 220mhz… AARRGGHHH!!! This is where the wheels came off for me this year.. Everything worked just fine last year when I put the gear away so, I’m not really sure what the problem was. Perhaps a bad connector or piece of coax I ran to either antenna?? A finicky “HT Saver”??? I dunno.. I will have to go through things to find out. I heard everyone just fine but had problems making contacts on both 6m and 220.. Maybe this was a sign it was time to leave.. It had been getting colder and windier the entire time I was up there… My hands were an interesting shade of blue and getting difficult to write with 20 min. left to go in the test, I packed it in…

    FYI: Lapham Peak is the highest point in Waukesha Co. at 1,233 ft. above sea level.. The tower is 45ft. tall.. If you’ve never had a chance to visit there, you don’t know what you’re missing.. Here’s a picture of my setup for 2009 FM simplex…

    All things considered, a great time once again… Ok, off to the bench to find my missing wheels.. 🙂

    73, KX9M

  3. Jeff Says:

    Just found your blog and this post… great blog, keep it up!

    The FM simplex contest was fun. This was the second time for me and I decided to go mobile and be a rover. This was the first time I have done a contest from the car. I was lucky in that my wife drove me around… she isn’t a ham, either.

    It was good to hear you out there! 73 – Jeff – N9UUP