222 Tuesday *ON* tonight and every Tuesday

    Know that 222 Tuesday is *ON* every Tuesday.   It’s a nationwide effort to promote more activity on/near 222.100 SSB/CW and 223.500 FM simplex for the FM-only guys.    Get on, call CQ, swing beams around, spread the word.    Most folks have been getting on between about 0100-0300.    Some use the 222 Propagation Logger.    http://dxworld.com/220prop.html   
    The guys from the Dakotas down thru Texas have really been having fun with 222 Tuesdays, and I know of consistent activity in FLA, the area surrounding MI/OH, and on FM out toward CT.     I hope others are spreading the word in their own area.

    This is only as good as you make it.   You want more 222 activity?   Then create it.   Find a buddy and make some noise.   “Just listening” is useless.   Why?   Because if 10 guys all listen, each of them will think nobody got on.    Right?? 🙂 

    I wish guys everywhere would use www.on4kst.com free real-time VHF/UHF chat to better coordinate activity.   But many have been using the regular old 222 Prop Logger, which is way better than nothing.   http://dxworld.com/220prop.html

    For those who like a little bit of history, here goes:    Remember, I’ve only been a ham since 2002 and on the air since 2003.   Which in ham radio years makes me almost a newbie, LOL.    But V/UHF used to be a lot more active.   Can’t tell you how many old timers have told me that back in the 60/70’s, 6m and 2m had multiple QSO’s going on most every night.   Then repeaters became more and more popular, and simplex activity tailed off.  
    Well back in the day, Monday night used to be considered 144 night.   Tuesday was 222 night.   Wednesday, 432 night.    So that’s the historical link to 222 Tuesdays.  

    For many years, ending about 2008, K8TQK and K4TO hosted 222 activity on Tuesdays with great stations.    Then in Sept. 2009, I heard that N8WNA EN82 and KC8QAE EN91 had restarted 222 activity on Tuesdays.   I thought this was a fantastic idea.  We all knew each other from email and my 144 nets, so I asked them if they minded me promoting via email.    They were fine with that, so I got busy and that’s how we got here.  
    There’s a great opportunity here to improve a band that is far too quiet.   I hope by the end of 2010, we have doubled (or more!) the weekly activity levels on 1.25/1.35m.

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